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Preferred Customer List

Over the past few months we have been sending out fliers to people who want first chance to see and purchase our art work before it is listed on the internet.We make window panels and pendants at various times through out the year as time allows us too.  But once made we have to move them due to not enough display room.  So we give  our clients a discounted price on a top of the line window panel.  The jewelry we make we offer at a discount to you also, but they are all one-of-a-kinds so we can not duplicate them exactly as seen and if on our list you get first chance at it before we add it to all the sites we have.If interested please... » Read More

Get ramped up for some kiln working!!!

Check out this little beauty!  Dichroic glass is awesome and we will be working more and more with it in the future!The glass will captivate you and once seen in person you will be hooked on it forever! Keep watch for some exciting designs and jewelry!  ... » Read More

Breaking news about Stained Glass Heirlooms!!!

Its no secret that we belong to one of the most reputable art organizations EBSQ.  But what happened today was absolutely outstanding for our studio.  Our studio was chosen to represent the Art of the Day on EBSQ.  The link below will take you to the page and also tell you more about us!Thanks for making this all possible...without our fantastic clients this was all just a pipe glad it has come true! » Read More

How Stained Glass Heirlooms was started

I'm frequently asked how I started to do glass work and why.   The "Why" is simple?    I was bored and needed an income for the winter months.    The "Why" is kind of a funny story!    I didn't know what I wanted to do.  I thought a long time about what to do and one day was tired of thinking about it and stood the phone book on the spine and let it flop open, closed my eyes and put my finger on something.  My finger landed one heading off was the words "Stained Glass."  The light came on and off I went to get my supplies and figure it all out!    I thought for a hobby it wo... » Read More