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The Cats Meow Bracelet

This was so fun to create with all the cats eye beads and then making circles and linking them together. I did the earrings and a necklace and I just love creating with all kinds of beads and findings. I have such a big imagination that I can just go on and on.  ... » Read More

Cool Diabetic Bracelets Choose Your Color

I came up with this idea about a year ago and I do these in all colors and this is my latest with ALL the Awareness colors. I have SOLD many of these because they are stylish and say what they need to say with out having the Panic of look they are Diabetic? So that is why these have done so well and I am Proud I came up with this idea for an Diabetic awareness bracelet.... » Read More

Shellys unique jewelry

Ny new shop please visit nt shop here on artfire and I havebeen creating my own jewelry for 8 years now so please visit and see what i have to offer.... » Read More