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A New Blog to Visit!

Hi there,This is just a quick note to let you know about a new blog I have set up with my husband. It is all about prepping for disasters. Our aim is to educate families about what they need to collect together and pack to last them for 72 hours after a disaster hits. Please visit, you may read something that will save your life one day.Cheers,Rhiannon » Read More

Hi there, come on in. :))

Okay, where to start? Umm nothing really happened today except I made some Christmas earrings for my B & M store. Snowmen, angels, and stars were on the agenda today and anything else sparkly that jumped out of my bead pile. You have to watch that bead pile, it is a source of constant inspiration, but also has a tendency to get out of hand. The last time I cleared this particular bead mat it took me 5 days (on and off) to separate and bag each color and type. I am totally disorganized when it comes to my work area, but it does kick-start my beading muse when it comes to ideas for my next project. Who needs a color wheel when you have a be... » Read More