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Fill Up That Box!

So, I took all my little lovelies that I had finished last week and placed them in the corner of a larger box. I should have used a medium sized box, instead or the LARGE.  They rolled around and looked so lonely.I really intended to clean up my workbench from all the earring-making left-over bits, in order to move onto *other* things. Like bracelets!  I was suppose to put away all the little stragglers sitting out. Well, I did....sort'a.  As I sat contemplating (i.e. procrastinating) an *idea* for another pair of ear candy popped into my wee brain.  I picked up my trusty pliers, cut some sterling wire ... there was NO turning back!  ... » Read More

A Few Little Things

People always ask "So Beth, what is it that you do all day long?" -- "Ooooh, I finish up a few little things I've been working on." These are what I finished yesterday ... working on MORE little things today! { ...I'm listing NEW Earrings daily!!... } Little things like Peruvian Opals, REAL Angelskin Coral, Faceted Freshwater Pearls, Chalcedony, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Grape Amethyst, Sponge Coral, Apatite, Turquoise, Rose Quartz ... to name a few. ... » Read More

BIG Gratitude Sale 40% Off

BIG Gratitude Sale 40% OFFNow thru Dec 10thIt's time for my BIG 40% OFF Gratitude Sale!!  What? ALL Jewelry items -- Sale discount has been taken and sale prices are shown. Simply shop 'til you drop and then checkout!... » Read More

Bizzy bizzzy lil' bee!

I've been very bizzzzy at my worktable creating a whole bunch of new designs!  I have a slew of newbies to post just as soon as I get all their earhooks created and attached.  It's the part I really don't like doing.  Because that's when my passion becomes a 'job'.  But, someone has got to get it done and that someone would be--->Me.   Here's a little peek to what's coming soon...Gorgeous gemstone shades and colors of: ruby in zoisite, peacock freshwater pearls, lapis, amethyst, jade, tiger eye, turquoise, azurite, abalone, rutilated quartz, teal fluorite, peruvian opal, apple jasper, rhodonite, smoky quartz, piccaso jasper... » Read More

FREEBIE Giveaway...Comment & Follow Me!

It's been a while since I've had a contest...yep, it's very long overdue.  So let's get this party started! This is my goal:  To start blogging MORE and Facebook'ing LESS.  *Wish me luck*  :) I'd also like to try and build up my following at my BLOG, so I'm offering a FREEBIE Give Away!  Yep, that's right, it's otherwise known as "bait".  NOTE:  Simply leave a comment along with your email (so I can contact you) -AND- become a member, if you haven't already at my--> BLOG *Do Not leave a comment here, please use the BLOG links provided* You can click this link to check out this beeee-U-teee-ful FREEBIE Prize here:... » Read More

Take a Peek into My Bead World...

I have sooo many beads and I sell them too! Right here---> Bead ShopI am up to my eyeballs in goodies...."QQ" blink, blink,...blinkYep, I'm a real live living breathing PIRATE!  And, boy do I Booty!!  Nope, no Parrot, only fluffly kitties. ^_^So If you need beads, I sell them right here---> Bead Shop... » Read More

Who Wants Cake?

I love cake ... all cakes ... all flavors ... with frosting ... without frosting ... I LOVE CAKE!! Yesterday, I had my sons and family gathered together at our house for a belated birthday bash supper ... to celebrate all the birthdays we didn't get to share together. Hot on the grill were Mini Bacon Burgers, Garlic-Parm Tater Wedges, Baby Greens Salad & Vine Ripe Tomatoes ... and of coarse ... Birthday CAKE!! I made sure I saved room for my little path to chocolate heaven. For me, this is the BEST and EASIEST way to a REAL chocolate high! Note to Self: "Sorry, heaven maybe calorie free....but this is definitely NOT." :D E... » Read More

Beautiful Things to Come

Here's a peek at some beautiful things to come....these are just a few trays of goodies I've set to the side of my work-table. (Yes, there's alot more! LOL) I grab a pendant w/it's focal bead strand, then imagine the beading concept or the finished piece, select the extras baubles that will be accents & all the sterling finishing touches, then bead 'til finished, create a pair of matching earrings, then repeat....over & over & over!I don't remember last when there wasn't a day when I didn't have 'work' to do. I am my own worst enemy-boss....I simply can't find the off button for my imagination or creativity!! This kind of beading... » Read More

Giving comes from the heart....

When the horrific tragedy happened in Haiti, I wanted help in more ways than $one$, but wasn't sure what it would end up being.  One day, while I was twittering ... one my lovely customers I follow, Beki, was tweeting about a necklace she designed and was making a US $10.00 donation from each sale.  I clicked on the necklace link and noticed it included a freshwater pearl and that she had (at that time) sold more than 230!!  WOW!!!  I tweeted to her asking if she needed more pearls and that I'd be so happy to help by donating ivory pearls for the cause.  Here's the rest of the story....  I copied this is fro... » Read More

Organized Chaos

Bless My MessI dream of having one of those perfect designer studios where everything has it's place, it's always tidy and highly organized, beautifully decorated with comfy chairs - pillows - pictures - fresh flowers, very well lit with scads of natural light streaming in, and so on....  A girl can dream.  Sound familiar to your dream too? Whelp, for the time being my comfy little work space has to house my entire "bead supply shop" AND include my "jewelry factory" ... so it's gotten a little cramped over the last few years.  I'm not complaining and I suppose it could be alot worse as far as space goes.  Many don't believe tha... » Read More

A lot of work comes in 1 little box...

Ooofda, a lot of work can come in one little box! Today's "gotta-get-it-done" is to create/attach a sterling earwire for each one of these little lovelies. I've gotten all my NEW necklaces listed at my website, and adding them to my Artfire shop.  These little beauties are next line for photos & write-up's ... scads of beautiful little gems & pearlies! Most all of them have a necklace that they match too. :) The next newbies earrings coming up will be more gem brios & longer styles. Soooo many beads ... soooo little time. Sound familiar?... » Read More


January:  Garnet/Dark Red February:  Amethyst/Purple March:  Aquamarine/Light Blue April:  Diamond/Clear May:  Emerald/Green June:  Pearl or Moonstone/White July:  Ruby/Bright Red August:  Peridot/Yellowish Green September:  Sapphire/Deep Blue October:  Opal or Pink Tourmaline/Multi-colored November:  Citrine or Yellow Topaz/Yellow Gold December:  Blue Topaz or Turquoise/Bright BluePower Rocks Every MonthWant to give a gift with meaning? Find out what a stone means and attach it to the rock or gem!Crystals and gemstones are awesome accents to any piece of jewelry, but did you know each sparkl... » Read More

I love LOTS of pretty ornaments...

I love pretty ornaments and completely cover my tree!  I don't think you can have too many...ever!!  This is just a little snap-shot of my collection.  Next year I plan on having a red theme on my green tree to showcase all the homemade ornaments I've collected over the years.... » Read More

Feeding Our Song Birds

I made up a batch of Birdie Feeder Treats the other day. It's very easy and fun to do w/the kids! Treat Mixture: 2 - 3 c bread crumbs, old crackers, old bread, old Cheerios, etc... (I used old freezer burned buns & bread that I forgot were in the freezer) 1 cup birdseed 3 uncored apples - chopped 1 c raisins 1/2 dry fruit - chopped 1 c crisco or lard 1 c sugar 1 - 2 c peanut butter (use more or less depending on amt of dry bread/crackers/cereal used) 1/2 c whole wheat flour 1/3 c cornmeal Very easy to do -- it doesn't have to be accurate, add more or less of what you may want or need too -- use up some things you may already h... » Read More