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Interesting Facts about Men's Silver Jewelry

Silver is one of the most popular solid metals used for production of different kinds jewelry. The metal has been used since the dawn of man. It has a very interesting history and connected with numerous legends and interesting symbolism. Here are some facts about the metal and silver jewelry for men. Most silver jewelry is created of sterling silver. Pure silver and gold are so soft that it's necessary to make an alloy so that jewelry pieces become more durable. Sterling silver is an alloy with 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal (usually copper). Because of the alloy combination, sterling silver jewelry is easily recognized by its stamp - 92... » Read More

7 Must-Be Fashion Accessories for Men

Many men avoid the accessories department, because they think that choosing accessories may seem girly. But that is not correct. Right chosen accessories may help looking elegant and manly. Complete your clothes with trendy accessories and look your best, don't forget: our appearace is the part of our personality. So here are the accessories every man must have. Wallet There is no necessity to explain, why one should have a quality wallet, isn't it? But you can choose not a functional but also trendy money and card holder. There are a lot of their types on the market: from plain colors to patterned printed works, made of different leather and ... » Read More

Men’s Style Resolutions 2014

Consider some fashion rules to prepare for a new year. You decide, what resolutions should be made first, but anyway don't forget your style resolutions. 1. The first resolution to start with is rather simple: take care of your clothes. This is what your style should start with. You may spend a fortune on statement pieces, suits and shoes, but without proper care your wear will not last long.  2. Combine Patterns. Pattern mixing can make a statement. Just follow one simple rule: always vary the size of the patterns. When combining patterns, choose no more than two per look. The same rule is with using colors; combine two-three colors, one of ... » Read More

Top men's bracelet styles 2014

2013 seems to be the year when men became more open to the idea of wearing bracelets. According to statistics there is a great rise in men’s jewellery sales. Men realized that good chosen bracelets can give each look a sense of character and individuality. Let's have a look at the key styles available this year. Metal Bracelets Metal bracelets, especially ID bracelets, are probably the most masculine accessory. It's best to wear ID bracelets as standalone, solo pieces, as they are usually distinctive and chunky. Wear the bracelet on the free, non-watch hand. A metal cuff is a versatile piece that can be worn with any wear by every men, ... » Read More

Best Jewelry Gifts for Him

The range of men's jewelry is constantly growing every year. And there are already more men wearing more than just a wedding ring. Men are becoming more fashion conscious and so the appeal to jewelry accessories ist growing too. Many men have understood that jewelry isn't just a women's thing, it's a great way for creating a personal style for everyone. So if you're looking for a nice gift to your friend, father, brother, boyfriend or husband, there are the top men's jewelry gift ideas.- Men's Cufflinks are a traditional accessory that never goes out of fashion. This is the sign of a good taste and style. Cufflinks are made of different metals: go... » Read More

Men's Necklaces - Top Styles

Today the jewelry market of men offers several modern styles of necklaces, some old styles have been updated and new fashion trends appeared as well. Here are the hottest men's necklace styles for you. Urban Necklaces. Due to their masculine appearance and streamlined design the necklaces have become very popular. They are usually made of titanium, stainless steel. The urban necklaces can be worn with or without a pendant. Businessmen like the style, as it can look professional and strict still adding a unique touch to the wear.New Cross Necklaces. Earlier men usually chose a gold chain with a gold cross. Nowadays with the gold prices not every... » Read More

Some Facts You Need To Know About Men's Accessories

If you want to dress well, keep the basics in your mind. If you want to have a stylish image, you'll need to have some accessories, not purses only; there are many accessories for men. Here are some basic fashion/style rules for you.Every man needs some belts. Not a single belt only. Why? It's necessary, that a belt matches the shoes you're wearing, and you have more than one pair of shoes, of course. So at least three belts; a black one for black shoes, a brown belt to go with brown shoes, and a casual belt for sporty ones.A watch is one more classic accessory to look good. But not a cheap watch, get a fancy one. It's better to have one expens... » Read More

Men's Jewelry: Some Tips, how to Match Jewelry to Men's Clothes

For most men it's a problem to match jewelry with the clothing right. Guys are usually interested in quite different from fashion things. And they certainly haven't time to learn, how to solve the problem. Well, if you don't have time for learning fashion rules, but still want to look stylish, following the tips, that will help you.1. First you should choose the wear, than jewelry, as accessories are created to complement an outfit.2. A dark colored shirt can be perfectly complemented with a silver necklace. A modern ball chain with a silver pendant would be a perfect choice. On the contrary light colored shirts go with gold jewelry best. In any w... » Read More

Personalized Men's Jewelry. Engraved Bracelets, Custom Necklace, Hand Stamped Rings

Men's jewelry has become extremely popular all around the world in recent years. Men have become more fashion conscious, and so the market of jewelry accessories has grown a lot. Although the fashion seems to be new for some people, it actually has been existing for centuries. Kings and Emperors in ancient times wore jewelry as a symbol of power. Average men as well wore rings as a symbol of their social class or achievements. Jewelry has been following people since the beginning of time, as one of the main symbols of power, richness and beauty.Nowadays there are much styles of men's jewelry to match your unique personality and preferences whateve... » Read More

Men's Jewelry. Mens Bracelets, Mens Necklace, Mens Earrings

Jewelry in the section of our website is for men who are aware of fashion trends and are fond of jewelry.All the jewelries are handmade by me - a jewelry designer. All the products are high quality. The design of these men's jewelry is a perfect mix of the classic and contemporary styles. All of them are made of materials that are popular with a strong half of mankind.Let's choose men's jewelry for a giftLovely Ladies! Give your special ones men's jewelry! The polls prove: quality men's jewelries of interesting designs are favored almost by all men. Just not all the men tell about it.Is your loved one working in the office? Give him a piece of a s... » Read More
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