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Trendy Summer 2014 Accessories for Men

Perhaps in summer it may be more difficult to express your style than in autumn and winter, the reason is obvious: you have less wear on. A classic t-shirt and shorts combination can become boring. It's the right time to remember that details can make your style distinct. Here are major accessory trends for summer 2014 to add those special details to your outfits. 1. NeckerchiefThis bohemian piece will add a touch of a good style to any linen shirt and shorts. When choosing between cotton and silk neckerchiefs, choose cotton ones for summer, as they feature more breathability and are more comfortable for the season. 2. BraceletNautical-inspi... » Read More

Important Men's Fashion Rules to Note

Here are some men's fashion rules to live by. They may help you to avoid confusion about how you look.- Match your belt with your shoes. The best and easiest way is to match such colors as black, dark brown or light brown. It's rather difficult to match other colors, and so it should be avoided. If you wear sneakers and jeans, choose a belt made of fabric, but avoid wearing a belt with jeans and sneakers.- Match Ties and Shirts. Mixing and experiment with colors is a great way to express yourself, but be careful: always keep it tasteful. Diagonal stripes, subtle patterns and modern polka-dots are the things worth attention. Your tie should complim... » Read More

Mens Necklace Guide. What to choose

When choosing a men’s necklace, first consider the length you need. Here are the common necklace lengths for you to keep in mind. •        18″ – a “choker necklace,” an inch or so below the adam’s apple. Consider, if it’s comfortable for you to wear such a short necklace. •        20″ – one of the most popular with men lengths. It falls between the 1st and 2nd button of a button-down shirt.•        22″ – such a necklace can be worn both under or over a shirt.•        24″ – such a necklac... » Read More

Male Accessories. Choose Yours

If you want to look stylish in every detail you can't avoid choosing some trendy accessories to complement your outfits. Here is a list of male accessories. Choose what you like and look stylish! - Watches. This is a common functional piece of jewelry. There is a fashion rule: the simpler the watch, the dressier it is. Choose metal watches for suits and cloth, plastic ones for casual wear. - Cufflinks & shirt studs are functional jewelry pieces as well. They are a sign of taste and class and are usually associated with black tie attire. There is a big range of metallic cufflinks and those made from precious metals and gems. Choose the appr... » Read More

Some Tips for Men for Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry has already become a part of men's image. Both men who like strict jewelry designs and those who like more fancy ones are offered a great variety of jewelry styles to choose from. When choosing jewelry, remember that it has meaning. Although it takes up only a part of your visual presentation, jewelry always draws attention.The interpretation of the meaning of jewelry may be different. Thus some associate ornamental rings with success and wealth, others - with crime affiliation. Not to seem flashy, men should follow some norms for wearing jewelry pieces. The main function of men's jewelry is adding uniqueness to an outfit. To get sty... » Read More

Men's Jewelry. How to Match Metal Colors with Outfits Right

Metal is one of the main materials for making men’s jewelry. Gold, silver, copper and stainless steel tones are the most common ones. You should wear jewelry made of one metal at a time. Two or more metals can match well only if the designs of the jewelries match perfectly, it's rather difficult to get the harmony in such combinations, otherwise they may look oddly especially when speaking about men’s jewelry. That's why it's better to keep the simple rule: if you're wearing several jewelries at once, they must be made of one color metal. When choosing a metal don't forget to keep in mind the outfit you're going to wear jewelry with.... » Read More

Men's Necklaces. Guide To Wearing Jewelry

The function of men’s jewelry is to complement, not to overwhelm. Men's jewelry should look natural and match the overall style. Here are trendy Styles of Necklaces for you to choose what suits your style best. 1. Dog Tag These are pendants usually on a leather cord or on a ball chain with a text engraved on them. Such military tags contain the wearer’s name and medical information, or a rank and religious preference. Decorative ones may be engraved with a verse, quotation, GPS coordinates of a place - with everything that can enhance the style and express the individuality. 2. Chain This is a classic ornament. There is a gre... » Read More

How to Create Men’s Style

Your personal style is the picture of your personality, your taste and preferences. So take the time to create the style that will express your personality. Find 'your words'. What does it mean? Find some words that can describe you, your likings best. Are you serious or playful? Do you like risks? Do you like to stand out of the crowd or you prefer stay unnoticed? Are you conservative or do you like to try something new? What features of your character do you want to show with the style and what to hide away? Maybe you want to tell about something that is important for you with your image? When creating your own unique style, first look for... » Read More

How Much is Not Too Much: About Men’s Jewelry and Accessories

Complementing an outfit with appropriate accessories will help a man to look stylish and elegant. The article will give some information, how to use them properly.Every person should develop a sense of how to wear jewelry and accessories. To do it, it's important to know their functions as well.WatchesThe basic function of telling time is complimented by that of adding class to an image. The best choice for formal attires is simple watches. There is a great variety of watches designs. You should have some ones to add for different style outfits, at least formal and informal ones.RingsRings often represent something special in the man's life: memor... » Read More

Man’s Wardrobe. Must Have Things

Let's speak about essential elements of a man’s wardrobe. Many men many minds. But despite of the fact there are some general clothes every man should have to feel confident, that he has all the necessary to look well for any occasion. Making up a wardrobe it's important to have essential interchangeable elements. And one more universal rule: everything you wear should fit you well. So there are some essential pieces to consider.   Gray suit. The color is always relevant and combines almost with all the colors well. Blue jeans. A piece to any occasion. Black pants. Khaki shorts. Khaki is a color suitable to any man. White and ... » Read More

Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

There are some ideas for you, how to make choosing gift for your boyfriend less difficult. Let's name the first option 'hobby-oriented'. Certainly your boyfriend has a hobby. You may choose something that your boyfriend could actually use in the hobby or related to hobby things, such as T-shirts or bags with pictures that reflect it. Try to find something unusual. Even if the thing isn't very functional, it wil certainly please if it's connected with the favorite hobby. It may be something funny to parody his passionate love to football, fishing or whatever he likes.  Almost all men like adventures. Giving a certificate to make something advent... » Read More

Tips For Men: How to Look Stylish

Some simple tips on how to look stylish and stand out from the crowd.1) Your stylish look begins with your self-confidence. Be confident and have your personal understanding of style that will express your individuality. 2) Try to keep your style simple. Minimalist style is always fashionable and relevant. Avoid combining too much fashion things at once.3) Know yourself, your body and what suits you best. It's not important to change your wardrobe every season for looking stylish. The main thing - choose what works best for you. 4) Treat fashion as a guide but not as a rule to follow. Look at the fashion trends just to understand what can be... » Read More

Men's Style. Simplicity

Monochrome. Color is everywhere. Today there is much clothes in countless shades of various colors, many men choose the clothing in brighter colors. It's not bad. But one should be careful with the combinations of colors. Not everyone can match the colors well. If you don't want to be mistaken, choose the universal classic rule, choose monochrome - such as black and white.It is classic that never goes out of fashion and moreover is great for a contemporary trendy style. Black and white is a good choice to any occasion. The colors make the perfect team and must be the base of a good wardrobe. Whatever happens, be sure: they will win in the battle ... » Read More

Popular Men's Ring Styles

Today on the jewelry market there are a lot of men's ring styles both for everyday wear and for special occasions. There are some ring types that are most popular with men. Wedding RingsMen's wedding ring doesn't mean just a simple gold or platinum wedding band any more. Today men's wedding rings can be encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones as well as women's ones. Or the ring can feature one but a larger stone.Signet RingsGenerally the men's rings are made in a gold or silver setting, signet rings are often engraved, most men order to engrave their initials or a name of a special person. There are also various shapes of the signet r... » Read More

Best Gift for Him: Men's Symbolic Jewelry

Do you want to give him a simple yet stylish and meaningful jewelry piece? If so, you can find nothing better than symbolic jewelry. Here are some ideas of popular symbols embodied in the jewelry designs. 1. Feather pendant. Feathers have a plenty of symbolic meanings in different cultures. Thus Native American Indians believed, it was a symbol of the universe and the center of existence. It was an important part of their rituals. The Egyptians believed that feathers symbolized the sky gods. In Christianity feathers stand for charity, hope, and faith. Other popular feather meanings are truth, speed and lightness.2. Anchor Pendant. It's a beaut... » Read More

Men and Earrings: The history of one Accessory

The fine jewelry - earrings are not restricted to women any more. Trendy studs and hoops enhance man's masculinity and an elegant style as well. Nowadays it's a fashionable accessory, and in ancient times earrings for men were regarded as a form of art.Some people believe that the fashion of wearing men's earrings is relatively new. But look at the numerous engraved figures of men with earrings of the nineteenth century. Much earlier in India and Egypt the leaders, pharaohs wore various jewelry pieces. Earrings were also common for men in Assyria and Babylonia, they were worn to show the position in society. In historical times earrings made of me... » Read More