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CyberMonday sale for 2011

I'm going to have a one day sale in my shop on artfire on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2011. Drop by my shop now to look over everything I've got in the shop and plan on taking advantage of 25% all items in the shop after Turkey Day. It will be the last sale for the year. I hope to add a couple of items into my shop between now and then. I've got some pictures to take and edit in order to do that, though, so it might not happen.... » Read More

Artfire - item of the week - Madrone Burl bottle stopper

My item of the week on Artfire is a Madrone Burl bottle stopper for your next open bottle of wine.  contact me for 10% off. ... » Read More

Cigar pen in Box Elder Burl

This is a cigar style pen turned out of a clear, stabilized box elder burl blank with black chrome hardware. It has a nice heft to it and is probably a good size for a man's hand. This has a double-twist mechanism (twist clockwise or counter clockwise), and uses parker refills.  As my item of the week, I'm offering 10% off.  Contact me for coupon code.       ... » Read More

New in the shop - Cambridge Rollerball in Ambrosia Maple

The supplies came in recently and enabled me to complete a pen that had already been turned and finished on the lathe.  I often turn extra blanks, expecting there to be faults along the way that will cause me to throw out the pen.  This time everything turned out fine.  So, when the new supplies came in, I just had to assemble the one extra blank I had turned.  It turned out quite nice, I think.... » Read More

Sierra style click pen in Box Elder Burl dyed Red/Black

My item of the week is a Sierra style click pen, with a satin finish, turned out of Red and Black dyed Box Elder Burl. Contact me for a coupon for 10% off of the price of the pen: ... » Read More

Sound editing console - custom order for my cousin

My cousin writes, performs, edits and distributes his own music.  To do all of that, he has a lot of soundboards and other equipment.  He had no place to keep all of that stuff organized and he came to me to help him solve that problem.  He had most of the design done, but I did have a few suggestions.  We agreed on a price and I spent a couple of months working on it.  Below, you will see the resulting console.  This is a project that almost requires that the buyer live in the greater Houston area, as delivery by someone other than me would not make financial or logistical sense.... » Read More

Artfire - Item of the week - Sunset Orange Spalted Maple Carbara style pen

My item of the week on Artfire is a Carbara style pen turned out of Sunset Orange Spalted Maple.  It's essentially the school color for the University of Texas - the rival of my Alma Mater Texas A& M.  Actually it is a much deeper orange, in my opinion.  Take a look and I'll take 10% off of the price during the next week if you contact me before purchasing.  Even if you graduated from t.u.             ... » Read More

Artfire - Item of the week - European style pen in Rosewood

This week's item is a European style pen turned out of Rosewood with Gold hardware. It is a medium weight pen, suitable for either a woman's or a man's hand and comes in at 5 inches long. This has a single twist, retractable mechanism that uses a Cross refill. Since it's my item of the week, I offer a 10% discount if you contact me before purchasing it. ... » Read More

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for stopping by my Artfire Studio Blog. I have just settled in, so be sure to check back soon for updates!... » Read More

Supplies for new items purchased

I'm trying to get to one hundred items in my shop but, with my last load of new pens, I was pretty much out of supplies to assemble new creations.  So, more supplies were needed.  While ordering more supplies, I thought I'd try some new things.  So, I've got supplies coming from a couple of places that will include the following: bookmarks, fan pulls, and keychains in chrome and gold.  I've got some more pens coming in as well:  Churchill, Sedona, El Toro, El Presidente, Ultra Cambridge, Ultra Cigar, and Flat Top American.  I've got some more wood coming in as well: Amboyna Burl, Afzilia Xylay and Purple Maple Burl.  That sh... » Read More