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Tiny Fliers - JCUIN March Collection

Ladybugs, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees... common residents of our gardens and yards, they pollinate flowers and crops, and belong to the largest and most diverse segment of biomass on the planet, approximately 75% of which have evolved flight.Among the most diverse groups of animals on the planet, including more than a million described species and representing more than half of all known living organisms, insects represent approximately 80 percent of the world's species. Entomologists speculate that there are more insect species that have not been described than there are insect species that have been previously named.In the language of totems ... » Read More

Copper: It's In Our Blood (JCUIN February)

JCUIN February CollectionUntil recently, I'd never really considered copper, I didn't think I liked how it looked, it was difficult to photograph flatteringly, and there wasn't much in the way of availability. Until a friend made me a necklace of copper and turquoise. Metaphysical Properties: Copper positively influences the blood and blood circulation in the body. Copper does not just protect the blood against disease but also stimulates the hormones and vitamins that are transported through the blood. Copper also strengthens the immune system, against fevers and infections. Next to that Copper eases the pain of sciatica, pulled muscles, arth... » Read More


Sigh. It's snowing in Western NY.I guess once I started driving in it, I stopped liking show. In any way. Every year I wish for a green - not white - birthday. Since that's December 24th, I get overruled every time.However I have been getting some stuff done. I posted all my Queen of the Winter Night collection, added new Pussyfoot Studios items and updated old photos, am updating the Fairy Lights images and descriptions and have about a dozen more to add, and have Butterfly Kisses all set.I am now adding a little gift bag to qualifying orders in Butterfly Kisses, Fairy Lights, Pixie Garden, Queen of the Winter Night, and Pussyfoot Studio. More wi... » Read More

Pshew! Finally Fall!

Wow, it was a crazy summer, so busy it feels like it just got away from me,  I love fall though, even if it is right before winter. Not that I hate winter, I just HATE driving in the snow. And this Buffalo, after all. We got lucky last year, I don't think there was ever more than 6 inches at a time on the ground, and it never lasted more than like a week. I was loving it, but my Fiancé wasn't so happy; no plowing.So I finally got all of the PussyFoot Studios items re-photographed, I found a button on my camera that lets you take a picture of something white and automatically adjusts the white balance for you! Miracle! Everything in my h... » Read More

Happy Humpday!

Just a little hello this Wednesday, hope the week's been good to everyone.  Posted a new collection, Fairy Lights, sparkly little bracelets for the summer.Next to be updated will be PussyFoot Studio, I have a couple of new colors and anklets in all the colors to post. Also have a few new pieces for Herding Cats.Then probably going back and updating all the Colors of the Wind photos, and then the Bells and Shells. I know I will have some more hemp to post new also, but it's going to be a big overhaul for the section.Oh, and I fixed all the SoulStones Sandals (the bare-foot or sole-less sandals) listings to reflect that they are sold in pairs. Ha... » Read More

Happy Monday!

I finally got to post the rest of the Treasures and Colors of the Wind, most have updated photos as well.Trip to the bead store later: Excited!... » Read More

A few new pieces

I finally got around to using some beads and stuff I've had around for ages, 3 Fimo sets and some super cute glass cats. Check out the PussyFoot Studio and Herding Cats sections in my shop.... » Read More

Colors of the Wind

Namaste!Pshew!  The heat finally broke here, it's only 80 today, but it feels nice!Haven't wanted to do much all week, but I finally got a few of the Colors of the Wind necklaces photo'd and listed. Still striving to improve my photography skills though, find the correct mixture of light and color, distance and zoom. Trip to the bead store for a little inspiration tomorrow, not looking to buy anything really, just need to stretch the mind. But you know I'll come home with something.  You'll be the first to know if it works  :)Blessings,Cristine... » Read More

Displays delivered!

Well, it's Thursday already and to my extreme surprise, my displays from Gems on Display came this morning! Very nice, and very reasonable. Now to figure out how to photograph these buggers.  I've been playing with my new camera and different settings, now to figure out the windows and sunshine...Wish me luck!Cristine... » Read More

First Blog Entry

Namaste!Wow, my first Artfire Blog entry!It's a gorgeous day here in Western NY state, 77 degrees, a few puffy clouds, a nice little breeze... couldn't be better.Today is organization day, pulled out all the old projects so I can wrap some up and post them.Still messing around with a home-made light box, and ordered a few displays from Gems On Display ( so once I have something new to post I have something to display it on, provided I can make this light box to work!The first things to be posted are going to be the Colors of the Wind necklaces, I have a ton more SoulStones to photo, and a few more Bells & Shells.Don't forget, fre... » Read More