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I'm taking a Victorian Corset class!

I'm pretty excited about it too.  I saw it advertised a couple times on FaceBook, but I assumed it was an in-person kind of class.  Then she posted how it was all online, and I signed right up.The class is making a Victorian Corset.  I'm not really a corset person.  I have recently come to understand though, that to make a period costume look correct for the period, the proper undergarments are key.  I finally got my sweetie to wear a costume for me recently; he dressed up as Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany during the 1800's.  When I made his costume, I had no time left to make much of one for myself, so I make a Doric C... » Read More

Pull up a Chair...

I've always wanted to be able to write more.  Raising kids, supporting my partner through grad school, and trying to run a small business take alot of time.  But I have been promising to do this, so now it begins.I'd like to do various things here.  I'd like to show the talents of some various artists.  I'd like to post some tutorials.  I'd like to explore new materials and techniques; maybe interview artists.  In short, I want to share things you will enjoy.This is a great little video I thought I would share.  It showcases the talents of my friend Travis Fessler and his brother Erik Kloeker.  We met through shows we both ... » Read More