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Welcome to see our hand painted art shoes

Not only any original patterns we can paint on shoes,we also welcome any custom designs can be painted on shoes.The following cat shoes are from one of our customers pet.... » Read More

Few Painting Steps About Custom Hand Painted Shoes

Today's work is 2 different anime patterns to be painted on high top canvas shoes---Howl's Moving Castle & My Neighbor TotoroWill show you some painting pics about how we make.Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Step 5:Step 6:Step 7:Step 8:Finished Shoes pic:... » Read More


A popular painted pattern----Chinese national treasure Panda1.We painted a very cute panda head on 2 outsides of the high top canvas shoes.2.Use a small brush to paint the edge with fluffy effect.    If you are interested in our panda products,you have 3 colors to choose.    White Color Shoes with Panda:      Grey Color Shoes with Panda:    Blue Color Shoes with Panda:... » Read More

Recently New Painting about Anime Designs HAND PAINTED SHOES

Really really have so many designs about anime hand painted shoes.This is the finished pic Then will share you some painting progress pics about the shoes:If you have any other ideas about hand painted shoes,welcome to contact us.Our shop website is » Read More

Today's Hand Painted Shoes are about Flowers Rose

Give us the flowers pic you like,we will help you to make it be painted on canvas shoes.... » Read More

Amazing!Very Alike Pet Dog Painted on Canvas Shoes

Except painting Anime Designs,our painter also paint animals.This time,wanna show you how they make a pic become a pair of pet dog hand painted shoes.Usually it will take our painter at least a half day to finish one pair.If the designs are too complicated,will take more time to paint. If you have some new ideas about your pets,please provide us the clear photos,we will help you to make them be painted on the shoes.Welcome to visit our store on Artfire:,more different hand painted shoes are waiting for you!... » Read More

Any interest about making your favorite designs on canvas shoes?

If you are interested in any hand painted shoes,and you also have favorite Banks or stars,just choose us.We can help you to put your favorite designs on canvas shoes.With waterproof pigment,professional painter and tools.Take one of our Green Day hand painted shoes as example:Product pic:Our painter added pigment:Use very small paintbrush to add text on the shoes:... » Read More


    Some people like flowers which are beautiful and vivifying.But how beautiful the flowers are,they will fade in future,just a matter of time.If you wanna keep the beautiful moment,at the same time,you like hand painted canvas shoes,we can help you to paint it on shoes.     One of our finished product is sunflower hand painted canvas shoes,here is the product pic:Very beautiful,right?And they are so lifelike.Our painter usually will take about less than 20 hours to finish this kind of design.Careful and careful,kinds of outlines,various colors and so on... Now I will show you 2 photos about the painting progress.    You can see more ha... » Read More

Show Some Painting Photos About Our Working

First,I wanna show you the photo about the materials and tools we use to paint.It is only a small part.Okay,next will show you one anime hand painted shoes painting progress photo.This kind of anime design usually will take painter use almost 15 hours to finish the shoes.Draw design outline first,paint base,add colors and so on......... » Read More

Spent almost 20 hours to paint these anime Baccano hand painted shoes

Let's see the finished shoes pic first:Then some painting process details about the shoes: ... » Read More

Some drawing pics about hand painted canvas shoes

Use white high top converse shoes to do the painting.The design top is Borderlands.As you can see,the designs are complicated with kinds of colors.So I need to pay much attention to the lines,proportion and colors.Painting these kinds of shoes will take me about 39 hours. This is  the finished shoes look like:Shoes link is : » Read More

Animal Leopard Hand Paintintg Progress-That is how we finished a pair of hand painted converse shoes

Please visit this product link to see the finished leopard hand painted converse shoes: have almost 1000 styles hand painted shoes in our shop(WenArtWork),if you are interested in more shoes,welcome to click this link to visit: » Read More

Painting Progress about Our Hand Painted Converse Shoes

If you are interested in hand painted art shoes,please do not miss this!We wanna show you some details about our hand painting.Just take Our Anime My Neighbor Totoro Hand Painted Converse Shoes and Sailor Moon Hand Painted Converse Shoes for example.First,please see the finished pic about the totoro shoes:The product link is: following pics are our painting progress about the totoro shoes:Second,please see the finished pic about the sailor moon shoes:Sailor Moon hand painted shoes produ... » Read More

One day working on Reggae hand painted shoes

Today's task is hand painted shoes of Reggae At first,used pencil to delineate the general outline of the design...Then,coloring the shoes,here are the pics of process painting,really bright color,right? The color makes me happy.Okay,next is the left outside...I have to say that it really needs me so much patience to do this... I told myself again and again that be careful be careful... Spent several hours on them,finally almost finished.If you are interested in the finished shoes of Reggae,please see here » Read More

The first Video Uploaded on Youtube

It seems a little too late to do this, but finally we started. The first video of hand painting shoes has been uploaded on Youtube, you can see here video is about the process of hand painting colorful rose converse shoes which can be seen here order to help customer learn more information about how we would make your shoes, we will keep uploading new video on Youtube. If you have any question contact us at anytime.... » Read More