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Finally something New...

Earlier this year,  I was asked if I could create a beer tap.  It was something that I've never done before, so I began by doing some research online.  I found the fittings easily from a brew supplier, and came up with a concept.   After some initial trial and errors, with wood selections, The piece finally came together. I am finally able to share this piece with everyone.  On 1/29/2014, Red Dragon Porter officially was tapped at the Impact Zone and  Lt. Col. Stich shared what began back in June last year with the battalion. While I've sculpted many dragons and other sculptures before, it never occurred to me to make beer ... » Read More

The Craft shack? Why would anyone chose that name.....

I'd decided to blog about the name I’ve chosen to use.  I am aware of the negative connotation that the word shack brings,  It does however make me smile, and here is why. In 2006, my husband and I were being faced with him losing income because the housing bubble was beginning to burst.  We made a very hard decision to move to Oklahoma, where my family lives.   After about six months, my mother's husband was stationed overseas, and I took over his man shack. Everyone in the family had called it the shack, quite frankly because of its appearance.   It was originally a small one room apartment built in 1941.  Â... » Read More