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Seven Deadly Sins...of cleaning your closet...

I found this cartoon by Monica Sheehan from a 2001 Real Simple magazine. I'm hoping it gives you some motivation to start cleaning and getting your closet ready for Black Friday! Or not... 1. Pack a bag of clothes for the Salvation Army. Let sit by front door for five months. 2. Put aside to "fix it"...(you'll dye it black and sew on new buttons)...and never do. 3. Waste time reminiscing for two hours about fashion do's and don'ts. 4. Take existential viewpoint. Read a novel instead. 5. Save "just in case" lose 20 pounds, get invited somewhere "nice", get a "real" job, sail the seven seas. 6. Put in back in closet. It... » Read More

Sewing vintage patterns

I've been working on some vintage patterns lately, my creative side working. I was given a box of stuff and in it was a cut out vintage dress waiting to be stitched. I thought that would be a good place to start a sewing project since it has been awhile since I actually made something. The pattern was a 1940s sun dress and the fabric was a lovely white cotton seersucker with green and white leaf print. Now, with that finished, I'm working on a 1951 McCall's blouse pattern using new fabric from Wal-mart (I love the prints there and for the price it is better than working a pattern with just muslin, I actually have a finished garment to ... » Read More

Vintage Sewing Patterns

I have so many vintage sewing patterns to look through to decide what to keep, what to sell and what to make into a PDF file. I've written more about how I ended up with so many patterns on my Oso Victoria blog So slowly over the next few months I'll be listing the patterns here in my Penelope Rose StudioEither way I love looking at these fantastic vintage patterns Do you have a favorite pattern, company or style you like sewing?... » Read More

Busy, Busy, Busy

To many people to visit and interact with, family, friends, online, and so forth. I need some nice quite time to focus and work on what I love, creating, sewing, making cool things. After, or even while, I am working on the dresses, I thought it would be cool to make some children's aprons from dish towels, ribbons, pockets, and include measuring spoons and a small wooden spoon, (that was yesterdays idea,) I just need a few more supplies. Then today I picked up some straw hats to redecorate, I have a few vintage hats that are very unique, wide brimmed that I will eventually get around to posting. I have made velvet hats many many y... » Read More

Mode Royal Pattern

I have completed the vintage skirts, a mode royal pattern, except for some hand sewing around the waist band and sewing on the buttons. The indian print skirt has vintage glass buttons and I have yet to find any purple buttons for the stripped skirt. Of all my buttons I do not have any purple. Twoartisansisters have a link on their artfire studio that took me to a vintage pattern site. While there I learned more about vintage patterns, other than what I like, and found out about Mode Royal Patterns. Yes, the directions are difficult to follow. It took me over 20 minutes just to figure out from the drawing that I was suppose to turn the facin... » Read More

Vintage Fashion for Men

What do men want? Check out my Oso Victoria blog for more information on men's fashion styles of the late 60s Men's Fashion. Also see some sneak peeks of similar 2011 runway fashion for men. Here's a taste of vintage men's slacks: ... » Read More