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Care and Cleaning of Your Faux Fur Items

If your faux fur item has become dirty please follow these instructions when cleaning.1.  Brush the faux fur gently with a soft brush to remove loose dirt and grime particles. Try not to tangle the fur as you brush it.2.  Dampen a terry cloth with water. Wring out the excess water from the cloth so that it is only slightly moist.3.  Rub the damp cloth lightly over the fake fur to wipe off surface dirt and dust. Inspect the fur for remaining dirt, grime or stains.4.  Mix 1 tbsp. of liquid laundry detergent with 1 cup of water in a plastic bowl, if the fur remains dirty. Dampen a cotton swab in the solution.5.  Apply the damp ... » Read More


Here are my current rates for commissions.  If you would like to commission me please send me e-mail to otterlyamazing(at)gmail.comPlease include a detailed description of the item you want commissioned and include reference art if you have it available. Full Suit - $1000+ Closed Partial - $600+ Closed Head - $450+ Closed Body Suit - $400+ Closed Hand Paws - $40 Open with full sleeves +$20 with claws +$10 with paw pads +10 Feet Paws - $85 Open with claws +$15 with paw pads +$15 Tail - $25+ Open Ears - $20+ Open... » Read More