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Bead Soup Blog Party

My post is gonna be late because...I work for the major card company and its or biggest holiday and I've been working nonstop.  My pieces and pics have been done for a good while but I've yet to write the post. Please check back in a few days! You won't regret it... Hint=there will be a giveaway!... » Read More

Isleen ~ Color of Dreams Blog Hop

I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in this blog hop hosted by Toltec Jewels.  We were each given a beautiful polymer zclay bead "orphan" made by  Patricia Handschuh of The Color of Dreams Boutique. We were asked to create something with it, then also to share a dream that has come true, is in progress, or one for the future. Here is a picture of the bead I received, along with some things I started pulling out to go with it.  This is part of my process-I find beads that I feel go "with" the idea or in this instance, component I want to feature.  Then when I have a good stash, I usually have a vague sense of what ki... » Read More

Meet Nilam~Daughter of Blue Skies

Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures hosts a great many challenges and Blog hops.  She also has a great Bead Destash Page where TOO MANY deals can be obtained at great prices.Beautiful Beautiful Beads like these glass pearls come in kits or groupings.  This challenge was to obtain a kit that contained 8 and 4mm pearls in our choice of colors (orchid, blue or green) as well as 6mm glass pearls in white.  I luckily got blue for my challenge.I LOVE PEARLS!  Any kind of pearls!  When I got these I knew I wasn't going to add too much else to them because they look EXACTLY like a spring sky with brilliant blue and white fluffy clouds.  The que... » Read More

Strong Women, Strong Tea

Today is brought to me by Teavana's Samurai Chai Mate.I have often wondered about women samurais.  Officially, of course, they did not exist.  However I found quite a bit of information and art to the contrary.While “samurai” is a strictly masculine term, the Japanese bushi class (the social class samurai came from) did feature women who received similar training in martial arts and strategy. These women were called “Onna-Bugeisha,” and they were known to participate in combat along with their male counterparts. Their weapon of choice was usually the naginata, a spear with a curved, sword-like blade that was versatile... » Read More

I Saved my Soul

by Vladimir Kush... » Read More

Creamy Iced Coffee Drink

I LOVE COFFEE! I miss living where there was a Tim Horton's on every block. Now I live in the sticks...Granted we do have Dunkin' Donuts, but quite honestly, the quality varies from store to store, and crew to crew. Then there is the cost and convenience factors. I don't like to wake up early. I like to get ready in 10 minutes and be out the door if I do have to wake early. I don't have the time or patience to drive out of the way for coffee. I do have a Keuring, which i love...but in the summer I want ICED Coffee.My friend Danny sent me this recipe. It is from a blog he happens across every now and then: Craving Comfort. I was skeptical, espec... » Read More

Brand Spanking New Site!

Some people may know that a couple/few months ago I won a contest to get 3 hours of free web/graphic design from Steph at Hearts and Laserbeams.Well, I asked for a new logo to go with my new attitude as the old ones just didn't seem to work. After asking me a great deal of questions, and showing me inspirations from her Pinterest Boards, this is what she came up with.I love it and will be using it EVERYWHERE....biz cards, signage, brochures, and it was the inspiration/boot for the website re-launch!CLICK HERE for her post about her great work.Copied from original Blog posted 06/10/2012... » Read More