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Hey there!I just packed up all my buttons, today, so this shop is officially on "Vacation mode" until I get to the new place and at least plug in my computer and unpack those boxes -- best case, September 1st, worst case, September 3rd (depending on hether or not I can borrow or raise the money for my first month's rent before my Disability comes in).... » Read More

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much to my latest buyer!I'm still in the middle of packing up my apartment to move, the electricity is still out (due to the petty, immature, soon-to-be-ex roommate), but I'm putting this all together right away (from the library computer)!Thanks so much for all my orders, so far!  You're all helping to make this a success. :-)When I'm up and running at the new place, additionally formerly-on-Etsy buttons, and all sorts of new listings (including my paintings, and some vintage items!) will be added daily, so check back often!... » Read More