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Anatomy of an Order

I thought I'd let you peek into my studio while I'm creating a large order of place cards for an upcoming wedding.First, the order comes in and I do a little happy dance. I love making items for others and I'm so honored when clients want to use my items for such a big day as their weddings. Then, it's time to get down to work. This was an order for these place cards.First things first, pull out the card stock, top layer and base.I am a creature of habit when it comes to large orders. As I worked my way through this order, I realized that I always do every step in the same order, my way of keeping track of it all I guess.I cut the top layers of pl... » Read More

May Flowers

I love flower stamps. Every time I see a new one I say I'm going to resist as I have so many already. Right before posting I did a quick glance of my flower stamp section and I stopped counting at 175 flower stamps. Oops, clearly I'm not doing a good job restraining myself!My two newest listings are variations of pink ink and card stock.         Birthday Wishes Pink Flowers Hand Stamped CardThis first card is the bright one of the two. It's definitely an in your face type of pink. The stamp is new, as is the sentiment. Since the stamp contains just a hint of the floral stems, I thought the image would look nice in the long ... » Read More

Wishing You a Happy Day with Cards

Since I cannot see you all in person to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, I will send you out wishes with my cards.This card is a variation of my one of my favorite color combinations, red and white. This rose ink is one I love reaching for and creating with.                              Red Rose Happy Mother's DayAnd it's appropriate today as my kids gave me mini roses for Mother's Day :)This next one is for all those grandmothers out there - I know that Meg and Conor are all the better for having wonderful relationships with their grandmothers.    Â... » Read More

Triple Time Graduation Hats Congrats

This month I challenged the card makers in my guild to create items for graduation. Today I'm highlighting a technique I used to make one of the items for the challenge.A newer technique in the paper crafting world is called Triple Time Stamping. (Now when I say new, I mean within the last year or so. I've been stamping for 21 years, so "new" is definitely a relative term!)Let's look at the finished card and then break the technique down.This technique is all about layers.I started with 3 white layers of card stock and 3 red layers of card stock. Each red layer is 1/4" larger than the white layer with the bottom red layer being the base of the car... » Read More

Overalls For A New Baby Boy

Whenever I create a new baby card and it's either pink or blue, I have a dilemma. Do I create the some exact card in the other traditional color or do I leave it as an original piece? If I absolutely love the design and see it working for both colors, then I usually try to repeat the layout design.I talked last time about my crazy process with the new baby girl card that took me down the winding path to the final project. This time I knew it would be easy. I had the design, I just needed to make it in blue.That was easier said than done. I proceeded to pull out my blue card stock and this is what I found.At first glance, I had eight (EIGHT!) diffe... » Read More

Welcome A New Baby Girl

I am always amazed at how a card design starts off one way in my head and ends up so different as the finished product. There is no better example than today's card. My plan was to create a standard A2 card, white base, white layer with baby images and a sentiment stamped on the base. It's a nice layout design and would work with my theme. And I really tried to create that very design. But after I chose my sentiment, my hands went into a completely different direction.Instead of an A2 card, I went smaller and ended up with an A1 size.Instead of a one layer white base, I ended up with a pink base adorned with a white polka dot embossed layer.Instea... » Read More

Butterfly in Rose

Several months back I created some cards using the wonderful large butterfly stamp I own. And one design has been haunting me. I really wanted to create more of the same design with different colors. So I dutifully stamped off some butterflies in a rose color and then, they sat.They sat through Christmas, through New Years, through Valentine's Day and then the whole month of March. Yesterday I said, enough was enough. Time to get these stamped butterflies onto a card.This design appeals to me for several reasons.......I like how I cropped down the butterfly image. You don't always need to use the full image of a stamp. I wanted the focus to be fro... » Read More

Coffee Notes

Before kids, I loved the smell of coffee but wouldn't drink it if you paid me to. And then I had kids. When my son came, he had a habit of waking up at 4:30am and he just wanted to hang out and get his day started. Then he's drop off to sleep just as my daughter was waking up. I spent months in a constant fog, not getting anywhere near enough sleep. And that's when I turned to coffee. And I realized I not only adored the aroma, but the taste was pretty good too (and that caffeine was a life saver some days).While my kids are much better sleepers years later, I still enjoy the taste of coffee. And so these newest quick note cards of mine are just p... » Read More

Daffodil Friend

I'm back with another daffodil creation. This time I used a brand new stamp and pulled out several markers for coloring and shading.It took about five shades of yellow and three shades of green but I was happy with the final shaded result.Like the note cards yesterday, I wanted to keep this one bright so although I did layer the image with black card stock, my thought was to use the bright yellow polka dot paper to keep things light. The simple sentiment was also deliberately chosen so this card could mean many things to many people and work for several occasions.I checked out my daffodils in the yard yesterday and the good news is that some of th... » Read More

Daffodil Notes

This month I challenged my card makers guild to create items using daffodils.  For my first creation, I decided to add to my long note cards collection. I love using flowers for note cards because they work for pretty much every occasion.The daffodils were hand stamped and colored with artist markers. I used several shades of green and yellow marker to create flowers with depth and character.And the yellow card stock base was a deliberate choice. I wanted these to be a bit more springy and light rather than a more serious feeling, which a darker base color would have evoked.I'm hoping in the next few days the real daffodils in my yard will have... » Read More

For All My Favorite Peeps!

As March busily rolls by, it's come to my attention that Easter is, quite literally, around the corner! And when thinking of Easter, I think of candy. And if you put the words Easter and candy together, how can one not think of those infamous peeps!I have been wanting to create a card like this one for a while now. I was on the hunt for just the right stamp but every time I found one, I realized that it just wasn't quite right. So when I saw these steel die shapes, I scooped them up immediately. Finally I could create a peeps card!I used various shades of pastel colored card stock to reflect the growing trend of multi colored peeps. How fun this w... » Read More

Mother Nature Always Wins

I had big plans for today.      The creative juices are flowing.          Then Mother Nature decided winter wasn't over yet......                         Kids home from school......                                So we're kicking back today instead......                                        Oh well, there's always tomorrow........... » Read More

Expansion of my Flat Note Card Line

Since I started here at Artfire in 2010, my A2 flat note cards have been a staple in my inventory. I love their ease of use and it's been my go to design for all the thank you notes from myself and my children over the years.But this year I decided to expand beyond just one size to make the collection more interesting. Today I'm announcing the introduction of my Quick Notes Line as well as my Tall Note Card line.Quick notes are just that....a means to dash off a quick thank you or other type of note to others. They are generally one layer made of high quality card stock, smaller than the traditional note cards and and use a themed image. For examp... » Read More

My Type

Happy New Year! As January 1st hit, I've hit the ground running with my Valentine designs. Today's card is a fun play on a vintage typewriter.When thinking about Valentine's Day, I knew I wanted to go traditional with this image. So even though you don't usually see a typewriter in red, I like the vibrant look to it. And if IBM was still creating those typewriters, we'd have to request a nice bright red!One dilemma I had was deciding on the embossed background. I wanted to create a card that could be used for both men and women so I knew I did not want it too feminine. I settled on this medium dot folder because it kind of reminds me of the round ... » Read More

Wedding Cake Congrats

I really tried to pull myself away from my new Stampin' Up stamps but this wedding set was calling to me. Where this card started in my head to where it ended up is miles in the difference! The only thing I kept from my original design was the color, a deep navy blue.This was originally going to be a one or two layer card. I just kept going with the layers and the next thing I knew, it was eight layers. Talk about a creative departure. This is all I have to show for today. I was volunteering in my daughters school today so studio time was limited. I have another idea for some other stamps in this set but I guess that will have to wait for another ... » Read More

A Garden of Flowers

I'm back again with sneak peeks of new Stampin' Up stamp sets. This garden set caught my eye as soon as I saw it. The flowers are a mixture of open lines and solids that I think will be really versatile.I started with just that rose flower and built out the card design from there. I thought the yellow would contrast nicely with the red so I pulled out that ink pad and just started stamping. After a few false starts, I had the following background design. The red flower was then die cut and it's actually attached with dimensional tape to lift it above the yellow flowers a bit. I wanted to provide a bit of visual depth with the design. The sentiment... » Read More
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