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Katty Candles and Jewelry at Croy Creek Traders Fair on July 19, 2014

Come join Katty Candles and Jewelry at the Croy Creek Traders Fair in Reelsville, IN this Saturday on July 19, 2014. Here's the place: 8504 W County Road 1000 S, Reelsville, IN 46171This traders fair is only $3 per person for the whole day (this includes parking fees; Children 10 and younger are free). It opens at noon (12:00 p.m.) for buyers. It closes at dark.We'll be there selling all of our massage oil candles, jewelry candles, jewelry, and jewelry supplies on our website plus new items not yet on Artfire. We'll be sharing a booth with my mamaw (Kat's mom) who makes handmade purses and toys. We'll also both be selling lots of gently used items... » Read More

Admiring Others... Popularity

Dear Teenagers,I was once one of you. When I was a child I would have done anything to be popular. I probably would have bit my own finger off just to be told I was cool by a "popular" kid. Of course, I was one of those people who tried their hardest to be popular and that just made me even less so.There is an obvious secret everyone older and wiser than we know- popularity isn't everything. In fact, being popular in high school really has no effect on our future lives (other than possibly giving us higher confidence, sometimes so much so that people become arrogant and self-centered). So why do teens and even some adults try so hard to be popular... » Read More

Artfire Crazy Train: Samsstuff

This week I would like to talk about a member of artfire Crazy Train, samsstuff .Sam is a creative American gal who has been making things since she was a child. Just by looking through her store you can tell how crafty and talented she is. From her hand embroidered buttons to crocheted accessories there isn't a single thing in her shop that doesn't show off her unique sense of style.Comedy X Tragedy = Love Framed Embroidery Set Inspired by Shakespearean production elements$27 for a set of three frames with hand embroidered picturesOrange Crochet Wallet FridaCompletely hand-made and hand-stitched with a Frida Khalo charm$25 Red Apothecary Bottle N... » Read More

Why I'm Obsessed with Asian Languages and Culture: My Happily Never Ending Journey

Updated/Revised as of September 30, 2016 February 3, 2014I am taking Japanese 1 online through Ball State University this school year. I have a niche with Asian languages. To me they are so elegantly spoken and written. Plus, the grammar and sounds of Asian languages is consistent throughout all of them, so once you learn one the others are much easier to grasp. Honestly, Asian grammar make more sense to me than English grammar (although I still know English grammar more fluently). Some background on my border-line obsession with Asian languages and culture: As a young child my family was quite poor. My mom was constantly going back to college to... » Read More

Making Christmas!

 Only two things get me in the Christmas spirit (I'm more a Yule/Chrismas Eve celebrater, but whatever): holiday crafting and singing Christmas music. This is my third season singing at nursing homes with a local women's choir, and I love it. I've been made a pajama clad little girl again, a doll/milkmaid and a reindeer/frosty the snowman. I think I get more joy than I give. Tomorrow if the weather isn't too bad I'll be caroling at Clabber Girl Museum and bake shop.As for crafting, I made massage oil candles as well as regular candles with jewelry, and my wish is that that they make someone happy this season. For my choir, I will have a basket ... » Read More

Miracle on 7th Street in Terre Haute, IN

Katty Candles and Jewelry will be at the annual Christmas celebration "Miracle on 7th Street" on Friday December 6th 2013 from 5:00 p.m. To 10:00 p.m. In Terre Haute, IN located on 7th street.Come visit us! Sadly I won't be there since I just had my tonsils taken out and am incredibly sick, but you can come meet my mom, Kat, and her friend who also makes jewelry (she will be sharing the booth with Kat selling her own creative beauties). There will be hundreds of new items featured that are not yet in our shop including (buy certainly not limited to) Holiday themed candles, jewelry, and jewelry supplies!Use this secret code phrase ("Katty Christ... » Read More

Sleeping With a Sleeping Disorder

I have been suffering from chronic insomnia since I was thirteen years old. Sleeping disorders are common among my dads side of the family, and mine could have possibly been brought on so early by trauma... The hardest part is going to sleep and staying asleep proves to be just as difficult. "A good nights sleep" for me is 4-5 hours of sleep, which is rarely continuous. On the best nights I only wake up once every hour, on the worst I can wake up to five times an hour. I would say my average is 4 hours a night waking up 2-3 times every hour.My sleeping disorder also causes the oddity of my waking up experience. When I wake up in the morning I don'... » Read More

My Heart and Soul, Poured Upon Pages

Have you ever felt the kind of pain you can't physically explain? No, I don't mean like getting your tongue cut out... But being in such excruciating emotional pain that the words in your head can turn into nothing but blubbering gibberish?  Have you ever loved someone in a way that every kiss anyone in the history of the universe has received couldn't even touch the high it makes you feel?I'd like to think I'm not the only one whose ever felt emotions that send your head and heart reeling. Believe it or not, I suck at explaining to people (except for my friends) how I feel when I try to physically speak.Now, the written word is my great soluti... » Read More

Polymer Clay: The Best and Most Crafty Birthday Present

Today is my birthday! To celebrate I'm making a post and writing it in my favorite color- BLUE!I got many beads from various family members (and friends; everyone is SO supportive of my craft), but I also got polymer clay- something I'm very excited to experiment with. I just finished printing about six pages of instructions for clay canes. I'm also stuffed to the gills with ideas for charms and pendants. The teaser image is actually a polymer clay pendant I made. I actually found that I could make those gorgeous roses with cheese wax (eating the Baby Bell chesses covered in red wax; the wax is very soft and malleable so I made my first rose out o... » Read More

Midnight Candle repours

Jewelry candles take a little more time and attention than ordinary candles. I had an order for some coconut lime and being a late nighter I did a repour at 12:45 a.m. When I woke up in the morning, I was surprised to find that the final top-off was done by my wonderful daughter Kate, who is an even worse late nighter!... » Read More

Hand Painting Charms and Kate's Paintings

I've always loved painting. I still like spreading sheets of paper all around me and finger painting, releasing the inner child! All you have probably seen of my painting is intricate metal charms, something I got into a couple years ago because of how much I've enjoyed painting miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. I paint metal charms with Citadel paint (I prime them with white Citadel primer), it's easy to use, doesn't dry too fast or too slow, is easily mixable (I mix many of my colors myself when painting in general), and isn't too expensive. It's a very high quality and has vivid colors. Of course, I use the same paint when painting metal min... » Read More

In Remembrance of Squeakers~

Today a little member of our family passed away. Her name is squeakers and she is one of our guinea pigs. She had wild gray and white fur with swirls and you had to pet her backwards because that was the direction her fur grew. We got Squeakers soon after we adopted two guinea pigs from a neighbor whose daughter had gotten a bunny and was neglecting her two guinea pigs, Squiggles and Rockell. I never got to meet Rockell because her owners had been so neglectful that she soon died of scurvy (guinea pigs have very sensitive systems, they have to get plenty of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, but they can only eat certain fruits and vegetable... » Read More

Being Bit by Wire and Other Pointy Things

If any of you have ever made anything with wire (or are big into sewing; I am the go-to-girl to mend clothes in my home, but I don't know how to use a sewing machine- we don't have one either- so I have taught myself to hand sew) you know what I'm talking about. If you're not sure, allow me to explain: it's when you prick your finger or hand with the sharp end of the needle or wire (I usually get my thumb). It stings and makes that spot very sensitive for a while.The other day, I was making a beach inspired anklet and this happened to me (don't worry, I cut the end of the wire off that pricked my thumb). I exclaimed "oww" and realized my thumb was... » Read More