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Beautiul Boot Cuffs

I have just started to list some of the new boot cuffs that I have been kitting this winter.These are great as boot cuffs or can be ordered made with cotton yarn to use when you do yoga, zumba or other workouts.Check the out in my studio!... » Read More

New Toys for the Cats

I have started to make and list crocheted cat toy rings for the cats. My cat loves to play with these so I decided to share them with other people who have cats and love to play with things.... » Read More

Crocheted Hair Scrunchies

It is almost time for cheerleaders to start getting ready for practice and I have started to make crocheted hair scrunchies to list in my shop.They are a great way to have all of the cheerleaders wearing their hair up with the same color scrunchies.These can be made in almost any color so they are good for weddings, supporting a cause or cheerleaders.... » Read More

New Items Listed

New paracord bracelets made and posted in my shop.... » Read More

Craft Articles on Hubpages.com

I am writing hub articles on Hubpages. They have to do with the crafts that I love to make and the ones that I donate to local charities.Please feel free to check them out, as well as, my items for sale in my shop on Artfire.com.Have a great day!... » Read More

Boiled Mittens Project

I had a discussion a week ago with a very knowledgeable and social gentleman, who sells items online, mostly antique vintage items, and he is a social among the ladies tho he is just a young man.He mentioned about the local women in the area who knit, most of them are in their 60's and 70's and he swears that they don't make boiled mittens and thinks that there may be a way to revitalize them in the area among the local men who have to use their hands in the water in the winter time for lobstering or other things and they use insulated gloves that are not all that comfortable or warm on their hands.He asked me if I could knit mittens and I replied... » Read More

Crafts4U Guild Up and Growing

I am the Guild Master of the Crafts4U Guild. This is a relatively new guild that I started a couple of months ago to give members a voice on Artfire. We have 50 members as of today and we are alway accepting new members. There are great crafters who make hand knits, crocheted, candles, baskets, jewelry, etched glassware, paintings, sewn items and more. We are a very positive and motivating guild of members who want to see each other learn, teach, promote, and have fun doing what they love which is crafting and selling our items.  ... » Read More

Crafts4U Guild is Growing Fast

The Crafts4U guild is now up to 12 members in less than a week.  This is a guild on the move.  Great members, great ideas, and great site Artfire.com. Please feel free to apply to be a member.... » Read More

Crafts4U Roster

Crafts4U now has a total of eight new members.  We have a wide variety of items being promoted by the members. We have cards, baskets,crocheted, knit,candles and other really awesome gift ideas and hope that Black Friday will bring us some sales.... » Read More

Crafts4U New Members

The newly formed Crafts4U Guild has gained three new members today. This is great news and these are great members and friends on Artfire. Our goal will be to promote each other, encourage each other, and be here for each other all while having fun doing what we love. Making Crafts. Join the new guild and have fun.... » Read More


I just started a new Guild and it is called Crafts4U.  The msiion statement of this guild is to promote and have fun doing crafting. Please check out the guild and join.  ... » Read More


I'm working on a few new items and trying to post the ones I have completed. Hanging towels, camera cases, eye glass cases, hats and more. Special orders at the same price as regularly listed items. Wholesale order possible. Thanks for looking at my blog!... » Read More

New Items

I just posted some new items to my studio. Please check them out they will make great Christmas gifts. If you have a secret santa gift to buy manbe one of my items would be good for your person.... » Read More

Beanie Windsor Blue

This is one of my hand knit double knit winter beanies that you will find in my studio.  The color is Windsor Blue.... » Read More

Good Morning!!

Good Morning to anyone who stops by my studio or blog this morning.  It is a great morning here in Maine,  The sun is up and it is crisp and cool but oh so beautiful with the leaves still somewhat on the trees and no snow on the ground. Please check out my studio and view some of my lovely hand knit winter beanies in full color. Have a great day and any questions, please use customer contact to ask me. Thanks for reading my blog!... » Read More