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Starting your crafty business, Part 2 - Okay, I've decided how I want to sell it, how do I price it?

Okay! You've made the big decision to sell your handmade awesomeness and now you are ready to price it...umm...yeah...but how?It's a pretty big deal, getting the prices right. You want to be able to make a profit otherwise you might as well go back to giving it away. You want to be competitive with other artisans and crafters, too.Do not sell your stuff cheaply! It, and you, are worth more than that. Undervaluing your items hurts you in the long run, but it also hurts the handmade marketplace. That being said, there is also a limit of what your regional market will bear. Yes, you have to take your customer type into consideration when pricing your... » Read More

Starting your crafty business. Part 1 - So, you want to start a crafty business?

So, you've amassed a pile of whatever your crafty madness is...jewelry, collage, afghans...whatever your awesome creativity has spawned and you have that moment, the one where you think "whatever am I going o do with all these?" Everyone you know has one; you even gave one to that person don the street, you know, the one everyone sees but no one knows. Yeah, that one. Now what? Then you get the bright idea (or, in my case, some one says) "you should sell these!" Okay! Hmmm... Okay? How do I do that? Decisions, decisions. Online shop? Craft fair? Consignment? Wholesale to that little shop? All of the above? How do you choose?  Well, there is ... » Read More

What is up with the $10 Specials?

I need your help. There, I said it. I need your help. Those four little words are very hard to say, but I am finally saying them. One more time...I need your help. I need money to pay for my car insurance next month and I need to clear out jewelry that is just not what I am making these days. I need to have all the items sold by the end of November, which is awesome because it is just before Christmas! Think of the stockings you could stuff or the little co-worker gifts...the kid's teacher? How about your sister- or mother-in law?  I will have at least 100 $10 items listed in my ArtFire Shop in the $10 Specials section. All of the item... » Read More

Craft Fairs

I've recently been trying to reboot my business by doing more craft shows. Let's face it, people are more likely to buy a piece of jewelry that they can touch and try on over the one they can only see pictures of online. (That's actually why I bought my super model mannequins, Mathilda and Lucille, so people viewing pieces in my online shop can get a better idea of length, hang, drape, etc., but I digress.) So, I've been tuning up my booth display pieces and have been searching out shows to do. It is starting to be craft show season, so there are quite a few out there, but how do you know if it will be a good show?There are a lot of "Craft Fair(e)... » Read More

How to Survive an Outdoor Craft Fair

Okay, I know we've all seen the great lists for being prepared for craft fairs/shows, what to take, etc. This is not that kind of list. This is more survival based...Know what the weather is supposed to be like, in advance. Check with the Weather Channel or AccuWeather the day before the show. Check it again in the morning, it might have changed while you were sleeping. Also, if you are near where the show will be held, look out the window. I cannot stress this enough.Prepare for the weather to change during the day while you are at the show. I have set up my booth in the rain in the morning and been roasting with the intense heat and humidity by ... » Read More


I am very happy and excited today. I've been invited to vend at a women's short film festival, LUNAFEST, this Saturday. For details on the event here is the link; http://www.lunafest.org/index.php?/attend-an-event/details/sacramento check it out.... » Read More

What's happening on my facebook page right now

I have a little giveaway happening over on my Facebook page, please go and check it out... https://www.facebook.com/JulisJewels?ref=hl  **Mother's Day is coming** I'm going to do a sale and a giveaway. The Sale: Everything in the shop is 15% off through Mother's Day, no code needed. The Giveaway: Nominate your Mom (or your sister, wife, or girlfriend). Please send me a message and tell me why she should get a special something for Mother's Day. The winner will be decided by a panel of 3 judges. The winner will receive a custom ...Heart of the Family necklace (for a picture, check out the Custom Jewelry photo album). Nominations will be ta... » Read More