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5 Things to Love About Artfire

If you're a crafty person and would like to turn your hobby into a business, if you're thinking about selling online, and are trying to decide where to sell, if you're already selling on Etsy but aren't having much success, then come on over and try out Artfire! Here are 5 things to love about selling on Artfire. 1. Very Friendly and Helpful Staff and Sellers 2. No Need to Relist Your Items to be Seen 3. Listings Automatically Added to Google, The Find, and Other Search Engines 4.LOTS of Wonderful Tools to Work With 5. 45 Day Help Guide - Step By Step Instructions for Being Successful On Artfire If you want to see even MORE reasons to... » Read More

The Happy Colors of Summer

I have some new fun summer items in my shop! Come check out these bright, cheerful outfits for your little girls. Hot Pink, Lime Green, Bright Orange and White. These are the Happy Colors of Summer! ... » Read More

First Collection

This morning I created my very first Artfire collection! It was so fun to do! Did you know that if you search for "cards" in the handmade section that you will get 2011 pages of stamped cards, paper pieced cards, quilt cards, photo cards, and much more? You should certainly be able to find whatever kind of card you're looking for. Whether it's beautiful, funny, bright, birthday, thank you, sympathy, nature, or whatever, Artfire has the perfect card for you. Here are a few of my favorites: ... » Read More

Creative Cover-Ups

What do you do when you have the fabric for your newest project washed, dried and ironed with all the pieces cut out ready to sew, and you discover that there is a small spot on the fabric that won't come off!? The spot just happens to be on the skirt and there's no way to hide it and no fabric to cut a new skirt piece! No need to panic! Just pull out a couple of cute iron on appliques that fit very nicely over the spot. Sew up the jumper as normal and then add two cute little bugs to the skirt. Now you not only have a sturdy little denim jumper, you've just given that jumper an extra touch of charm and uniqueness! I'm sure glad ... » Read More

Easy Ways to Save Money

Besides sewing, one of the things I enjoy doing is finding ways to save/earn money. One of the easiest ways to save a little money is to shop through an online rebates site whenever I'm ordering anything online. I actually have accounts with 4 online rebate websites: Big Crumbs, E-bates, Shop at Home, and Mr. Rebates. Anytime I get ready to purchase something online, I do a quick check of all 5 sites to see which one will give the highest percentage of cash back from my purchase. These sites are so easy to use, and it's such a blessing to get cash back from nearly every online purchase I make! You won't get rich this way, but you can save a lit... » Read More

Welcome to Joyfully Sewn Designs!

Welcome to Joyfully Sewn Designs! Thanks so much for stopping by my Artfire Studio Blog. I'm so pleased that you are here. First let me introduce myself to you. My name is Sarah, and I'm the seamstress behind the Joyfully Sewn Designs outfits. I live in SW Missouri with my parents and sister. I LOVE to sew! I grew up watching my Grandma sew outfits for myself, and the other members out our family and extended family. As I grew older, she has passed on her skill and love of the craft to me. For the past 10+ years, I've been sewing, sewing, sewing. Joyfully Sewn Designs started out as a ministry to friends who didn't have the time and/or... » Read More