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Artistic Growth - Part 2 of a Series

As I mentioned in the first installment of this series about artistic growth, thinking about how my work has evolved over the years, led me to wonder how other artists feel about their artistic growth in their chosen field.Photographer Cassandra Tomlinson of Tomlinson Photography and Design shares her thoughts about this process below: When I first started as a photographer, most of my inspirations and photographs were from nature. Growing up in the country and being a lover of the outdoors, these photographs came easy for me.  One of my earliest works is of this photograph of a grapevine in the woods. Soon after I started selling my pho... » Read More

Artistic Growth - Part I of a Series

Looking at my own work, I can see how much I've grown artistically over the years since I began making jewelry.  It's been quite a journey.Reflecting on my growth, made me wonder what other artists felt about their personal growth in their chosen field.  Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs shared her thoughts on this topic and here is what she has to say:Looking through by necklaces that need to be taken apart, I chose "Interstellar Winds" because of its major BORING factor.  Hmmmm . . .  the photo makes it look more interesting than it is right now in my hand, but believe me, it's boring.  Even my husband agrees it was boring a... » Read More

Learning a New Skill in 2012

Welcome to the first Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival.  Our topic for January is about learning a new skill or technique in 2012.My jewelry making friends at the Jewelry Artisans Community have been egging me on to learn how to use a torch.  I've been wanting to do just that for a very long time and with their encouragement decided to give it a try.Being new to torching, I wasn't ready to invest in a lot of expensive equipment, so I  raided my husband's garage.  Armed with eye protection, his trusty BernzOmatic plumber's torch, a spare fire brick for the wood stove and a baking sheet, I was ready to begin.     Â... » Read More

Artists Supporting Other Artists Revisited

One of my past blog posts talked about how artists are sometimes stereotyped as egotistical, competitive with each other and not willing to share techniques.  The exact opposite is how things really work in the artistic community - folks are generous, always willing to help and want to see other artists succeed.  With that thought in mind, this blog post features artists who have been incredibly kind and wonderfully supportive of not just my work, but others as well.This beautiful Poppy Garden necklace by Catherine at ShadowDogDesigns features a gorgeous hand made polymer clay pendant by Pati Bannister which has been accented with lava rock,... » Read More

Getting Creative with Tools - Also Known as Improvising

Jewelry artists covet tools.  They help us advance our craft and open new avenues of creativity.  However, tools can be expensive and one doesn't always want to invest in tools they aren't sure they'll use long term.  This is when it's time to improvise. A dapping block is a tool used to shape sheet metal.  It looks like this: I don't have a dapping block. However, I do have a melon baller.  I'm not even sure why I own a melon baller.  Maybe it was a gift, I dunno.  Nevertheless, it's been kicking around in my kitchen for many years never used.  There was a day when I just ... » Read More

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is a hot topic with artists.  We talk about lack of inspiration, what inspires us, how to get out of a dry spell and being inspired by other artists. These daisies that grow in my yard always make me smile.  They're so cheerful.  Looking at them one day I was struck with the thought that they looked like they were dancing.  From that came this piece which I call Dancing Daisies: These little black and white butterflies often visit the daisies and and were what inspired me to paint this butterly pendant.  Taking a little artistic license, I set the scene in twi... » Read More

Artists Supporting Artists

It's often said that artists are egotistical, competitive, insecure and jealous of the success of other artists.  Lately, I've been thinking about how much truth there is in that stereotype. I've been a member of the Starving Jewelry Artists (now known as Jewelry Artisans Community ) site for many years and have seen nothing but members offering advice, sharing techniques, cheering each other on, commiserating when things don't go right and celebrating each other's success. Being fairly new to Artfire, I'm still getting to know people and it's been a very positive experience. Recently, John of Three Blue Suns Studio featured several a... » Read More

Using Other Artists Work in Our Work - Starving Artists Team Blog Carnival

It's time once again for the Starving Jewelry Artists Blog Carnival and this month's topic is "Using Other Artists Work in Our Work". I almost didn't participate in this blog carnival because I didn't think I'd used other artists work in my work.  Then I thought back to what wasn't so much using another artist's work as it was a collaboration.  And, what a wonderful collaboration it has been! My friend, Sue (koolbraider over at the Starving Jewelry Artists website), makes the most stunning, delightful silk braids using Japanese kumihimo braiding techniques and when I say they are stunning, I'm not kidding!  Here are some pieces ... » Read More

Shameless Self Promotion - Epic Fail!

Two wasted opportunities to market my product. One at the vet's office while picking up the dog when one of the vet techs complimented me on a rose quartz necklace I was wearing and talked about how much rose quartz is her favorite stone and what a great necklace.  My response was the usual "thank you." The second while having my teeth cleaned and being held captive in the dentist chair.  The hygienist really liked the earrings I was wearing.  The conversation went sort of like this:  the hygienist mentioned that she loved the earrings I was wearing and how perfectly they matched my shirt and how cute they were. Great... » Read More

I'm a blogger...cuz they made me do it!

My friends (?) from the SATeam are insisting I have to blog to be successful at this on-line jewelry business stuff.  Do I want to blog?  I'm not sure yet, but will give it a try. Mostly what's running through my mind right now is what could I possibly have to say that would interest anyone and how am I going to keep this commitment.  Should I blog once a day, a couple of times a week, once a week or once a month?  Heck, maybe once a year would be good for me time wise, but that most likely isn't going to work out so well.  Really, who's going to read a blog that's updated once a year? As I'm typing this, I'm looking at the ... » Read More
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