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Artisan necklace design or how to make modern jewelry by yourself!

Do you want to create an artisan necklace by yourself? There is a nice idea for you!Look at the picture. There you will see all the components you need to create the artisan necklace. So you will need wire wrapped beads, jump rings and a curved bar. To make the necklace I use wire wrapped Turquoise Bead drop dangles and the findings made of copper. You can choose different materials of course. Also you can take any beads and wrap them with wire by yourself. If you have all the components ready, you can make the necklace easily. Get the bar with three holes or make the holes by yourself (two -on the ends and one in the center). Attach two jump ring... » Read More

Design ideas! Unique beads, bead caps, ear wires and different supplies for creation unique artisan jewelry!

Do you want some ideas for making lovely beaded earrings? Here you will get them! I'm a jewelry designer. As I have already gained much experience, I know, what artisans need for making unusual, unique jewelry creations! That's why I'm also glad to share my knowledge and not only. I offer a large variety of jewelry supplies that can be used in different artisan designs. This time I'd like to talk about earrings designs as earrings are perhaps the most popular jewelry type. It may seem that there already exist all possible designs. But actually it's not so. The possibilities are endless. You can always experiment with different color combinations, ... » Read More

Tutorial: making beaded chunky necklace

Let's make a lovely chunky necklace! You will need big beads, spacer beads, two jump rings, eye needle, small closures, a narrow ribbon of any color, and a wide ribbon of the color matching to your beads. Take the narrow ribbon, pin the needle into the end and start beading. Between each two large beads string a little spacer bead. The needle makes pulling the beads onto the ribbon easy.   So string a large bead - then little seed bead - then large bead again. You will do this all the way through. You can use the beads of one or several colors. It depends on the effect you want to achieve. As soon as you finish stringing all your beads, ... » Read More

Making beaded hoop earrings using wire, ear wires, head pins and beads

There is one more class for making lovely earrings. To create the pair of earrings you will need 22 gauge wire, head pins, some beads you like (4 big beads and 4 little pieces), 2 jump rings, ear wires. You will also need some tools: needle nose pliers, round nose and cutting pliers.Cut two wire pieces and bend two open hoops. The size of the hoops depends actually on your wish. I choose here the medium size. Take one of the hoops and bend 45 degree angle toward you on the end of the wire with the help of the round nose pliers. Make it on each end. And then round out the bent angle in the direction away from you to make a loop. String a big bead o... » Read More

Tutorial: making beaded bracelet with lovely enameled beads

I'd like to show you a bracelet design that can be easily created by you. It is a nice bead bracelet. So for making it first pick up some beads. Let's speak about the bracelet's size. The average size of women's bracelet is 7 inch and of a men's one is 8 inch. So as you pick your beads lay them in one line and measure the line's length. Keep in mind that there will also be additional components such as jump rings, a clasp.    I take some beads of different shapes and diameter. You can also take beads of one pattern, of course. I'd like to put bigger beads in the center of my design and then continue to string smaller ones toward the en... » Read More

Artisan Hand crafted enameled findings supplies

I'd like to show you one of the modern earring designs! Create them by yourself! First of all let's pay attention to the tools you need. Make sure you have some pliers (flat nose pliers, needle-nose pliers, crimping pliers). Purchase or make ear wires, jump rings, headpins. Pick up some beads you like as we're going to create bead earrings. Pay attention to the sizes of the supplies you choose. If you have headpins with a little 'head' than the holes in the beads for earrings mustn't be very big, otherwise the bead will slide off. Or you can string first a little bead with the hole that exactly fits the headpin and then bead bigg... » Read More