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To kiln or not to kiln?

To kiln or not o kiln....that is the question. At least that's the question that keeps popping continually into MY brain as I play in this wonderful world of glassy, jewelry, crafty goodness.  I have thought time and time again about purchasing a kiln.  My husband and I have talked about it numerous times, with me never really REALLY wanting to take the plunge entirely.  After all, it's a big commitment.  It's kind of like buying one of those super-duper treadmills, or home gym thingies.  THE LAST thing you want is to spend a year of your life convincing your hubby that you need, need, NEED this thing, will never be soulfully sat... » Read More

Hammering and building a component set of earrings from scratch

Recently (ok Monday....and don't scoff, it was a government holiday, so I had the day off), I've decided to try my hand at hammering wire, and wrapping multiple components together, working a bead into the mix.  I've found that I actually enjoy the metal-working (pounding wire with hammer-ugh ugh) very much.  Previously, I hammered out a couple of pair of earrings and enjoyed it so much i bought myself a jeweler's block.  I cannot believe how cheap they are!  Anyway....I adore my jeweler's block, and all that comes with it.  Pounding, shaping..... Screwing things up....LOL The above are casualties of war.  All in all it... » Read More