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Watercolor Collection

Watercolors   Curated By: GracefulArtsArtFire.comHandmade Soap... » Read More


...its beginning ...   Curated By: » Read More

Giraffe Fun Collection

Giraffe Fun!   Curated By: MelsFunSudsArtFire.comHandmade GiftsMel's Fun Suds shop has created a cute giraffe-themed collection, and included one of my baby blankets, one with giraffes of course! So many cute ideas for your little one!... » Read More

"Bright Blues" Collection

Bright Blues   Curated By: shangrilacraftArtFire.comVintage Fashion One of my necklaces, a particularly brilliant blue selection of beads was recently included in a collection curated by Shangrilacraft. What a lovely selection of beautiful items in blue!... » Read More

ArtFire Daily Collection!

What a surprise, and honor, it was to see my recently curated collection not only on the front page the day I made it, but today on the daily ArtFire Daily Collection email!  ... » Read More

By the Sea, the Beautiful Sea

By the sea, the b... Curated By: PebblesatmyFeetArtFire.comIsn't this a lovely collection?  The PebblesAtMyFeet studio curated this collection, which includes my sea shell cards along with some other amazing pieces of art!... » Read More

Inspiring Time Away

There is simply nothing like getting away to bring on the inspiration!  Last week my husband and I traveled down to the Oregon coast.  We have spent a fair number of summer vacations at the beaches there.  This photo is from one of our favorite beaches--sorry, but I'm not naming it!  This time we visited the town of Newport.  We had previously driven through, but never stayed there. Regrettably, I never took any photos there, mainly because it rained pretty much all week!  Not that that has stopped me before, nor does rain destroy a vacation, even to the beach!  Our first morning in town, we decided to go see some of the local... » Read More

"Hot Lava" Curated Collection by Drunkenmimes

Hot Lava   Curated By: DrunkenmimesI had the pleasure recently to be featured in a curated collection entitled "Hot Lava" by the artisan, Drunkenmimes.  The necklace that was chosen for the collection was created by attaching many different wire wrapped glass dangles which hang from large circular chain links.  The glass beads are in fiery shades of red and orange with a bit of yellow thrown in for good measure.  It's definitely a high energy piece of jewelry, as are the other items that were featured in this » Read More

I'm back!

Wow!  I'm finally back!  I live in the Seattle area, and if you're familiar with this part of the Northwest, you know that we don't see much snow.  In fact, many years go by without any snow.  But this year that is not the case.  It began snowing on Sunday the 15th.  By Wednesday, the 18th, we were hit with freezing rain, on top of  about 5 inches of snow (at my house).  I live in the woods, and awoke Thursday to no power and the crashing of tree limbs heavy laden with ice and snow, falling to the ground.  What a terrible sound!  Our area has been hit very hard, and the devastation is hard to take in.  So many tree... » Read More

Featured in Venetian Blue Collection by AyaDesigns

Venetian Blue Curated By: AyaDesignsArtFire.comIndie Design... » Read More

I've Had Unexpected Visitors!

I was sitting here this afternoon updating listings on my computer, and something caught my eye out the window in front of me.  To my amazement, there stood a male deer!  He was at about eye level, being in my raised rose bed out front, and he was staring at me rather intently!  I took another look, and found that he wasn't alone, there were two others, Mama deer and Youngster deer.  I watched them as they nibbled leaves off my roses (the blossoms being long gone), and had a goodly amount of dandelion and clover greens.  I very slowly crept across the room and grabbed the easy point & shoot camera, then took a few pics through the ... » Read More

New Inspiration

September 2011Isn't it wonderful when something you love to do provides extended benefits?  My husband and I just returned from 10 days in a beautiful, warm (okay, I'm not complaining, but it was downright HOT!) tropical paradise.  Ah, Hawaii!!  I really enjoy traveling because of the change in scenery, the change in routine, but especially because I love to window shop!  I so enjoy seeing new things that people have spins on old ideas, totally new designs, crazy creativity at its best!  And, since I live in the Pacific Northwest, the tropics are quite a change of pace for me!  I felt so inspired by the beauty o... » Read More

Quilting Along

Late October 2011As you might have guessed, I've been keeping busy quilting lately!  I've pieced a total of 6 table runners, and I've quilted half of them so far.  I've also quilted 2 out of 3 "pro bono" quilts that will go to Deseret Industries for those in need.  And, I have 2 more quilting jobs in my queue, one of which is for a wedding gift later this year. The table runners came about because, like most quilters, I was accumulating quite a few extra pieces from quilt blocks I've made.  So, I took those and pulled out more of the same fabrics, as well as some new, and created table runners.  One is in black and white prints, ... » Read More

Quilting Inspiration

July 2011This past weekend I traveled to Portland, Oregon with one of my daughters and all 3 of my grandchildren.  This was ostensibly as an "STP" support team for my husband, younger daughter and her husband who were participating in the 200-mile bicycle event from Seattle to Portland (hence the name STP).  It's a huge thing in this part of the country which drew 10,000 entrants this year.  As you may or may not be aware, this part of the Pacific Northwest is not at all flat!  There are many, many, elevation changes on this route, which although there is an interstate highway connecting the two cities, is not the route traveled, for o... » Read More

Christmas in July!

It's July 1st today!  And what does that mean?  I live in Western Washington, so it means that summer is almost here, yippee!  We really don't see any true summer weather here until after the 4th of July, so we're almost there!   But, here on ArtFire, today is the kick-off of   With this, the lucky duckies whose code number was posted in today's Daily Collection email score a $250 credit in any PRO studio of their choice.  Any other day the winners receive $100 credit to spend, which is, of course fabulous, but $250, wow!  That's like winning the lottery, sending you right over the moon, it's a huge score! What's that y... » Read More

A Milestone Reached

Spring 2011 I have reached an important milestone, at least in the ArtFire world.  I have now listed my 100th item in my studio!  Why is this a big deal you might ask.  It is said that potential customers tend to prefer studios which offer at least 100 items for sale because it helps them feel that the seller is reliable and that there is plenty to offer.  And, I'm now at 100 items, so I am ready! A couple of interesting things have occurred recently.  The first was a purchase by one of my past customers (from another site); always exciting!  The second experience occurred when I was doing a JoAnn's open house (I teach se... » Read More
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