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Best Natural Wet Shave Shaving Soap Handmade Artisan Father's Day

Best Natural Wet Shave Shaving for men is a semi solid soap in a jar that's perfect for men's wet shaving. The texture is between a shave cream and a hard soap, or a shaving putty. Dampen your brush and use straight out of the tub or take out a thumb size piece and add it to your shaving bowl or scuttle. Add a little water and whip up long lasting, creamy and stable lather with lots of bubbles. The quality formula in the Best Natural Wet Shave Shaving Soap will give you a close and smooth shave with less irritation and less redness. Can be used on the thick, coarse beard or any type of skin. Best Natural Wet Shave Shaving Soap allows shaving in an... » Read More

Lilac Handmade Artisan Soap, the best soap for spring or Easter

Inhale the soft scent of Lilac and it will give you an idea of what this handmade soap smells like. A lavender cream swirled soap that will remind you of spring year round. Lilac handcrafted soap is made with the most realistic lilac, just like being next to a fully blooming flower bush. This bar is perfect for spring or summer, but it's available any time of the year. Here is a link for more info and to purchase.Lilac Handmade Artisan Soap... » Read More

Handmade Soap Mechanic's Gardener Chef Painter Orange Scrubby Pumice

Mechanic's natural handmade soap is for the gardener, painter, mechanic, yard worker, farmer, chef or a plumber. It helps remove the toughest grease, oils, grunge and grime. Contains pumice, blue cornmeal and citrus oils that degrease, exfoliate and help get rid of ground in dirt. Mechanic's natural handmade soap is made with natural ingredients like Orange oil and Mango Butter and superfatted at 7%. It is made without harsh chemicals so it's easier on the hands, elbows or knees. It will clean thoroughly but won't strip your skin of natural moisture. Buy one for a wonderful and unique gift!The golden yellow color of the soap comes from the citrus ... » Read More

Violets Viola Purple Lavender Cream Handmade Artisan Soap

Violets purple and cream color handmade Artisan Soap is a soft scent that both men and women enjoy. I found and captured the perfect violet in this fragrance. It smells exactly like a bunch of violets that have been freshly picked in the spring. Each batch is swirled in lavender color and is naturally gentle and creamy. Each bar is unique and about 4 ozs. Buy this soap as a unique gift for Christmas or put one in someones holiday stocking.I make all my cold process soaps myself from scratch. Each batch is fully cured at six weeks as the water during the soapmaking process evaporates. I prefer to superfat my soaps at least 7%. This makes the soap m... » Read More

Natural Man Beard Oil Conditioner Lavender Mandarin Rosemary Mint

Best Natural Man Beard Oil is a conditioner and tamer for a man's beard, mustache or a goatee with Lavender, Mandarin, Rosemary and Spearmint essential oils. Formulated with the finest natural vegan oils like coconut, almond, Jojoba, Squalane and Vitamin E, these therapeutic botanical oils condition, maintain your beard and soften rough hair and skin. Beard oil tonic will make those whiskers softer and more manageable with a light pleasant manly scent. It contains the original natural therapeutic blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Rosemary and Spearmint. The aromatherapy essential oils provide natural scent and health benefits for the beard and the skin... » Read More

Holly Berry Handmade Artisan Soap Red Green Christmas Cold Process

Green and red Holly Berry handmade soap is completely made by hand with the cold process method of soapmaking and weighs about 4.5 ozs. Each bar is scented with a Christmas blend of bayberry, notes of northern spruce, holiday pine and natural fir needle. A wonderful holiday scent that will help make great Christmas memories. Buy yours today and add some holiday cheer to your bathroom or guest room.Ginger's Garden Holly Berry Handmade Soap... » Read More

Christmas Tree Green Handmade Soap

Bring some cheer to your bathroom this holiday season with this Christmas inspired handmade soap. When I was little, my dad would take the family to the forest where we would pick and cut our own Spruce, Pine or a fir tree. He called it Tannenbaum. The fresh scent of this soap reminds me of pines, dark green spruce, the fresh crisp air of winter and pure, white snow. Spruce Pine Juniper Balsam fragrant tree Christmas soap has been hand painted with a green tree and the cold process soap for the rest is all pure white. This fragrance has it all; the majestic spruce, the dark green pine, the balsam and the fragrant noble fir. This soap would m... » Read More

Precious Infused Amber Resin Handmade Natural Artisan Soap

Pure natural amber resin is a precious commodity. This handmade artisan soap is infused with real imported amber resin. The golden color in this soap is beautiful and natural. The amber scent is soft, warm, sweet, mysterious and comforting. Ancient amber has been used for centuries in ointments, amber oil, poultices and massages. Natural amber contains succinic acid, which is an anti oxidant and has conditioning properties for the skin. Our ancestors added amber to their bath water for its positive and therapeutic properties.The ingredients in this skin loving handmade soap include a generous amount of amber infused virgin olive oil for its gentle... » Read More

Glycerin Soap Quartz Crystal Rock Gem Cluster

Natural Glycerin Soap Clear Quartz Crystal Rock Gem Cluster With Bubble Inclusions is handmade from an original real quartz crystal cluster, in a unique, one of a kind mold. Each glycerin soap quartz crystal is scented with a refreshing Celestial Waters fragrance. The scent is like a fresh mountain fall or a cool lake in the springtime. It's a light ocean type of scent that is used by both men and women. It has a realistic gem formation that will refresh you in the bath or shower. My glycerin soap quartz crystal replicates the real stone found in nature. Buy this Rock Gem Cluster glycerin soap as a functioning piece of soap art and enjoy the mild ... » Read More

Spiced Pumpkin Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg Spice, Allspice Handmade Soap

The earthy sweetness of this spiced pumpkin soap comes from a warm, spicy balance of clove, nutmeg, allspice and ginger with just the right amount of cinnamon. This is a perfect soap for fall or the holiday season. This soap is rich and creamy with no other color added. Each large pumpkin spice soap weighs at least 6 ozs. Buy it here: » Read More

Sandalwood Sandlewood Santal Handmade Artisan Soap Cocoa Butter

Sandalwood Sandlewood Santal Handmade Artisan Soap is a creamy, bubbly and mild handcrafted soap with the rich sensuous fragrance of Sandalwood. It is made with pure, natural and unrefined cocoa butter that helps hydrate the skin. The scent is heady and complex and includes pure Cedarwood essential oil for extra depth. This soap batch has a small amount of natural red santal sandalwood powder for color. Sandlewood soap cleanses gently, leaving a hint of the exotic and divine scent behind. Buy one for yourself and give one as a gift. You can find Sandalwood soap in my Ginger's Garden store. ... » Read More

Fall Leaves in Red and Green Natural Glycerin Hand Crafted Scented Soap

Fall Leaves in Red and Green Natural Glycerin Hand crafted soap looks like two gently wrapped leaves in a gift box.  I swirled the soap so it looks like colors in autumn. I love working with glycerin soap when the creativity strikes. Natural glycerin soap is forgiving and can be remelted if I don’t like the end result. I can make one soap, a few, or a whole bunch. It can be used as soon as the soap cools off. I store any extras in a plastic bag so they retain their glycerin and moisture. I accented the leaves glycerin soap in an Autumn Festival fragrance. This scent has notes of apple cider, cinnamon, butterscotch... » Read More

Cool As A Cucumber Mint Body Wash Shower Gel Liquid Soap with Organic Aloe Juice

Cool as a Cucumber Mint Shower Gel and Body Wash will help you get going in the morning or refresh you at night. It's made with organic aloe, natural mint and cucumber scent. Cucumber Mint Shower Gel is made with quality ingredients that are gentle and won't dry out the skin. Your skin will feel fresh, soft and clean. Buy this Shower gel for the ultimate bath or shower experience. Can be used with a sponge, a wash cloth or a body pouf. This body wash can also be used as liquid soap in the kitchen or the guest room. » Read More

4th of July Independence Day Fireworks Handmade Soap

This Fireworks Blue Citrus soap is perfect for summer with lots of citrus notes of orange, lemon, bergamot, neroli and grapefruit. This soap is refreshing, crisp and clean. The colors are blue, yellow, orange or red and each soap is very unique. I took an idea from a colorful parachute and created this version in soap. Besides the citrus scent, this soap also has light floral notes. This is a limited edition as I won't be able to replicate this design exactly again. So buy it while you can!... » Read More

Handmade Lip Balms Deciphered and a Tutorial

Handmade Lip balms are a mixture of soft or liquid oils, solid oils or butters and a wax. They soothe and moisturize the lips, keep it soft, moist and help with chapping and dryness. Lip balms protect the skin from extreme environments or weather changes like wind, snow, cold or the sun.  If you are making your own lip balm, you have many natural choices available. The benefits of using or making your own lip balms are pretty obvious. Using natural oils or butters with no chemical ingredients (like mineral oil) are better for the lips and better for the environment. Since natural lip balms contain no water, preservative is not needed. ... » Read More
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