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Gift Ideas from ArtFire Artisans

Individual shops on Artfire have a variety of Gifts for all occasions. If you're not familiar with Artfire, come take a look and see the many unique gifts available.These are stunning Purple Earrings from @ShadowDogDesigns:Know a Pisces? Next we have a Purple and Blue with contrasting orange Fish Bracelet from @DianesDangles:Need Customized Tags for an Event? Lots of Choices by @Adorebynat. Check out these cute elephant tags:Here's a Rare Find. A museum quality necklace from Yemen with Bawsani Beads used for a Bridal Dowry. A unique find for a wedding, a gift or for display. Gorgeous! Find more antique items at @craftsofthepast. Want a special ... » Read More

Black Ice

I did it, slipped on black ice and broke my wrist and a few ribs. Learned a valuable lesson. As you can imagine, I won't be making jewelry for a while.....BUT..... I can still paint! So, on the bright side, this has given me time to do one of my other loves. Being a professional illustrator, everything I do is very realistic and painting allows me to 'loosen up' in a fluid style. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy creating them. My paintings are small and can fit anywhere that needs a spot of colour. They make unique housewarming gifts, too. Please keep that in mind. They can sit on a mini easel or can be mounted on a wall. I hope... » Read More

USPS Last Minute Shipping Dates for the Holidays!

If you're buying or selling online, you might want to keep apprised of the USPS ship-to dates for this Holiday Season:Dec. 2: First-Class Mail International Dec. 2: Priority Mail International Dec. 10: Priority Mail Express International Dec. 15: Standard Post Dec. 17: Global Express Guaranteed Dec. 20: First-Class Mail Dec. 20: Priority Mail Dec. 23: Priority Mail Express (Priority Mail Express postage refund eligibility is adjusted for shipments mailed ... » Read More

Unique and Affordable White Rose Original Painting Gift Idea!

My newest painting of a White Rose done in a loose, impressionistic style.Imagine this on your mantle, side or end table, hallway, dining room or kitchen. It's done on a 5x5 Archival Panel and can easily be mounted in a photo frame as long as it has a mat in front of it. A unique and affordable housewarming gift or for a cottage mantle over a fireplace. There are too many spots where this painting would be perfect to mention.This painting is currently available in my ArtFire Shop.Oce it is gone, only prints will be available. ... » Read More

Fishing And Sea Birds

Often, I walk the beach of Long Island Sound and look for shells and sea glass. Recently, I was having a lovely walk on the beach, watching the waves lapping the sandy shore, a warm sea breeze and sea gulls calling and flying about. Then I came across a disturbing scene. If the photo bothers you, it was meant to. It bothered me terribly and I didn't enjoy coming across it. Fishing line is virtually invisible underwater. Take it with you, don't untangle your spool and leave it on the beach or lake shore. There are consequences to your actions. Fishing Line Wrapped Around Sea Gull Wing I beg everyone here to share this and take care ... » Read More

USPS Suspends Delivery Confirmation in Underperforming Countries

Sellers that ship internationally might be interested to know that the USPS has suspended 7 countries for poor performance.USPS Suspends Delivery Confirmation in Underperforming June 16, 2014 By Ina Steiner One year after announcing it was expanding Delivery Confirmation International Service beyond Canada to additional countries, the USPS suspended tracking to seven of those countries. Apparently some foreign Posts are not up to snuff when it comes to tracking packages. The USPS is suspending Delivery Confirmation International Service to Brazil, Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxembourg an... » Read More

USPS Postage Rates for January 2014

Updated! New USPS Postage Rates Starting January 26, 2014 It's not unreasonable considering the high cost of fuel. Time to raise shipping rates in some instances.Posted by Gilded Owl Jewelry. ... » Read More

Owl Pendants chosen for Peer Review Ad

I am excited to announce that Fire Mountain Gems has chosen my Fine Silver Owl Designs to be used in their ad in Jewelry Artist Magazine!Since my owls have sold out, I'm making more and they will be posted soon. Stay tuned.....  They are in the kiln at this moment! I am planning to do bronze owls in the near future which will be more affordable.  The silver Precious Metal Silver Clay is so very expensive now and I'm hoping Mitsubishi will lower their price soon. If you'd like to visit my online store where you can find many other goodies including unique and classic handmade earrings, pendants, bracelets and cartilage earrings... » Read More

Looking For Fine Art or Original Oil Paintings?

Gilded Owl Jewelry is introducing it's newest line of home accessories! Original Oil Paintings! All are done in either oils or acrylics and offer a variety of subjects, from still life to landscapes, from flowers to vegetables! The styles vary, too. Like making jewelry, I don't like to box myself in to one style. I might even do some abstracts. My paintings are done on acid free panels 1/8" thick. A brilliant way to lighten up a corner of a room or as a gift. I hope you enjoy looking. Enjoy!My newest, Yellow PoppiesBlue CactusSeagull... » Read More

Beach Glass Always in Fashion!

Sea Glass is just about my favorite focal 'bead' to work with. You never know what shape or color will be lying on the beach waiting to be discovered. These are my original designs and they have won International Recognition.Mine are wire wrapped in Sterling Silver and Quality 14k Gold Filled wire and beads. These are eye catchers that get compliments where ever they are seen. Did you know that unlike gold plated, gold filled is meant to last the customer a lifetime of wear and is considered fine jewelry? I hope you'll stop by my store and check them out. Leave a comment and let me know you visited! I'm always interested! ... » Read More

New Product! Reverse Hoop Earrings!

Have you ever heard of reverse hoop earrings?They're for people that don't like to fuss with closures on hoops. They're easy to use and they stay in. In fact, they're so comfortable, you can sleep in them!To wear them, you simply insert them from the back of the ear and feed them through until they hit the opposite end. That's it. Done. jI've made some Brand  New Reverse Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver. Check them out in my Gilded Owl Jewelry Shop here on ArtFire!There are many other styles and sizes of earrings you can buy at Gilded Owl Jewelry and they can be viewed by clicking here.Earrings make great gifts or a nice way to say, 'think you'... » Read More

Owl Jewelry that is Unique and Handmade!

  I've been in love with owls for many years. Molly and McGee, the famous California owl duo, solidified the relationship. I opened my shop on ArtFire and called it 'Gilded Owl Jewelry'. A name that came to me in the wee hours of the morning.I'm proud to announce one of my owls is a finalist in the Fire Mountain Gems International Jewelry Contest. I work primarily in silver but have begun to utilize gold with them. The choices are 22k or 24k pure gold. I use the ancient process of Kemboo or as an overlay.This is one with 22k gold wings:This next one is Silver with a black patina. This is a totally new design using the patina. It takes many laye... » Read More

The Many Faces of Spring

Spring is in the air and we've made some progress on our garden. Most everything is in earth boxes because the ground is unpredictable living near the water. It can become very soggy and the veggies can easily contract fungus and die. This has been a tried and true method for us for a few years now. Some of the boxes are homemade and some are standard earth boxes.You can save yourselves a lot of money if you can make your own.We can't plant until after May15th and our plants are ready to go.A few flowers have popped up and one of my favorites is the money plant. It pops up in the most surprising places each year. This one seed managed to... » Read More

Facebook Timeline, You have 4 days left to make changes.

4 Days Left Before facebook Timeline Changes, Protect Yourself Of interest:You have 4 days left to get rid of your old posts or photos that you don't want people to see on your fb timeline. For instance, if you were wild in college, since the time you opened your fb acct, EVERYTHING will be available to people unless you delete it before they force the timeline on you. So that wild picture could come up if looking for a rent, or getting into school or getting a job, or used in court. You're now agreeing to this to be on fb. Google+ is even worse. I just dumped my google+ acct and soon to bag gmail.Protect yourself.facebookhttp... » Read More

New Postal Rates Effective January 22, 2012

NEW POSTAL RATES Effective January 22, 2012 Don't forget that new postal rates are coming. I wish it weren't so for all of my customers, but with the cost of gas and oil, it's not a surprise that it had to happen. I look at it as a bargain because it would cost me much more to get my letter or package to its destination if I had to take it myself. (Half full)If you own an estore that takes out fees for selling your items, it's important to make sure you're not including postage in the item cost as they will consider the postage as part of the item and take fees out of that.New Rates:Small box — $5.35Medium ... » Read More

For the Love of Animals

Wouldn't you want to help animals or the rainforest everday if it didn't cost you anything? Then click on over to the Animal Rescue Site to give a FREE donation for FREE Food & Care to animals in need. Anyone can do this, it's painless and it isn't time consuming. All you need to do is to click:  HERE and it's done! 100% of the sponsor money goes to charities and they also have great gifts where a portion of the sale  goes to the charities. With each item purchased, shoppers generate funds for the feeding and care of animals in shelters and sanctuaries. The store offers a wide array of items to show your support. There are... » Read More
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