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Is Money on your Mind during this Venus Retrograde?

During this Venus Retrograde one of the issues that is coming up is Money. How has your relationship with money been in the past? What needs to be  re-worked, re-vamped, re-examined,around money and finances. This may especially be true around relationships and money, whether it be with a business partner, spouse or anyone with whom you may have financial ties. Specifically money issues from the past will be coming up during this Venus Retrograde. But it is also a good time to get money that is owed to you.These next couple of weeks are predicted to be intense for many and as a way to help you ease any anxiety over your personal flow of money e... » Read More

Most Loved Way to Pamper your Face

Women are going CRAZY over this Serum, as they massage it into their face they let out soft moans as if they were getting the best massage ever or eating a decadent chocolate soufflé.Our Night Serum Deeply Nourishing Treatment penetrates deeply into all three layers of skin so the new skin cells forming will benefit from the nutrients in the serum resulting in healthier skin cells which are smoother and plumper and contain more collagen (the supportive structure to skin giving it a firm appearance) *What is the difference between a Serum and a Moisturizer? A Moisturizer delivers water soluble nutrients and active ingredients into... » Read More