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2015 Engagement Ring Trends

Ring Trend 1: Floral AccentsEngagement rings are blooming right now with flowers, petals, vines and other details plucked straight from the garden. A cascade of small buds down the band adds a romantic touch to this feminine ring.https://www.etsy.com/listing/170344798/ Setting a stone horizontally gives your ring a fresh vibe and, even better, makes the stone look larger. For the best results, try this trend with oval diamonds or marquise and emerald cuts.Ring Trend 3: Colorful For a woman with an untraditional style, a colored engagement ring is a good bet. Fancy color diamonds, like yellow an... » Read More

Will My Jewelries Tarnish Or Turn My Finger Green?

That is one of the questions most commonly asked concerning silver and gold jewelry. ALL jewelry tarnishes, however, not ALL jewelry will leave you "green". So, how do you tell? Well, first of all, sometimes it isn't the jewelry at all. Sometimes we have a little too much acidity in our skin which may react to certain types of metals when it comes in contact. The most common culprite is nickel, which is found in most jewelry that is "plated" or "filled". One way to avoid this is to buy jewelry that is NICKEL FREE. Also, you can look closely at what the seller lists as the BASE METAL (what is underneath the plating or filling) of the particular pie... » Read More

Popular Diamond Setting Types

Prong Set The most common and popular type of setting, with either 4 or 6 prongs. The high position of the diamond allows maximum exposure to the light from top to bottom. This type of setting can be used for all kinds of faceted stones.https://www.etsy.com/listing/166474157/3-ct-round-brilliant-cut-lab-made?V-Prong Set The diamond fits snuggly inside notches carved on both sides of a prong. Two sides of a prong are squeezed from both sides to hold the stone in place and to protect from accidental breakage. A popular setting type for princess cut diamond rings.https://www.etsy.com/listing/166265282/art-deco-1-ct-princess-cut-lab-made?Bezel Set Th... » Read More

Why Choose Man-made Diamond Rings?

As much as you have heard that diamonds are a woman's best friend, you may want to consider its man-made counterparts for a variety of reasons. Also known as simulated diamonds or lab created diamonds, man-made diamonds are created under a controlled lab environment. Unlike real diamonds that take billions of years to develop, found, polished, and perfected to make that wonderful diamond engagement ring, the man-made variety can be created in a matter of days. Though the former method may seem extremely romantic and picture perfect, there is a lot to benefit from, by choosing man-made diamond rings instead.To start with, such engagement rings, as ... » Read More

Grand Opening Sales of FairyParadise in ArtFire

To celebrate the grand opening of our store at ArtFire, we will be having the 3 monthe sales event from 21 Feb to 21 May 2014.Buying in these 3 months, you will have 10% discount on the regular price and which is lower than buying in our Etsy Store (www.etsy.com/shop/FairyParadise).Come and have a look and shopping at FairyParadise!As we are new in Artfire, let me quote some of our customers' comment here for your reference:"Great service! Was sent super fast! The quality of the ring is amazing and no one even realized that it's man made! Highly recommend!""This ring turned out GORGEOUS! It looks just like my real diamond!! I couldn't be happier w... » Read More

The Many Advantages of Lab-Created Diamonds

Throughout history, diamonds have held extremely high symbolic significance in our culture. Their durability and beauty are used to symbolize everlasting love and connection. However, this symbol becomes tarnished when you factor in the environmental impact of excavation, the foreign civil wars fueled by diamond sales, and the astronomical price tag attached to natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds provide the solution necessary to have all of the beauty and benefits of a diamond, without all of the guilt and burden. There are many great reasons to choose lab-created over natural diamonds: Origin Lab-created diamonds are grown by highly skilled s... » Read More