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Learning to make Drawer pulls!

Oh boy,  I'm having some good fun!  I'm learning to make Lampwork Glass (hot glass) Drawer and Cupboard pulls.  I just ordered a marble mold in the 1 1/2 inch size to make some larger ones but I've made a really neat one in the 3/4 inch size.  That's the largest mold I have and it came out really neat.   I will put a picture up for this as soon as I can.  I don't have a camera tonight to do it for you.  These are really nice.  Even the 3/4 inch one is great.  I have an older chest of drawers that has even smaller handles on it but the 3/4 inch size will work fine and compliment the chest very well.  I also ... » Read More

Dog Collars to come!

Hi all! Just wanted to share with you that I will be expanding the Dog and Cat Stuff section of the store in the near future.  I have been busy making new items and having a ton of fun.  Included in the new items will be more personalized and embroidered Dog Collars and Cat collars and I will be adding leashes.  I've found this to be a really fun way to use my sewing skills and feel like I'm doing something people enjoy as well.  If you are interested in more Designs, you should check out my online web store too and that is  I've added lots of products there and will be adding ... » Read More

New lampwork bead sets

Do you like to make jewelry from Lampwork glass beads?It's fun because they work together well.  I have a lot of sets and slowly but surely I'm getting them listed.  Here are some that may give you some inspiration for a great project or gift idea!  Spring is here finally and bright fun colors make us ready for more.  Flower lentils (or any lentil beads) are really fun to use in bracelets since they lay flat and when you put your wrist on something hard it is much more comfortable.  All beads are made from Moretti (Effrette) glass from Italy.  I make them one by one in a torch and then anneal them in the kiln fo... » Read More

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for stopping by my Artfire Studio Blog. I have just settled in, so be sure to check back soon for updates! I hope to blog about some tips, new products offered including handmade lampwork beads, handmade jewelry, 18" doll clothes, and handmade pet collars and accessories.  I hope you come back often and I'll try to make sure there is something interesting to see and read! Thanks-Sylvia  ... » Read More

Doll clothes hangers or Decorative hangers

Hello.  Lately I've been having a lot of fun making some 18" doll clothes hangers.  These can make these from Artistic wire or from Steel wire.  Most purchased hangers are a little too large for 18" doll clothes and the Barbie doll hangers are hard to find as well at least here in our valley. Little hangers can function as a wall decoration as well.  I've had lots of people purchase them for that reason-sometimes for a childs room or an extra room.  You can also use them to hang pet clothes.  They can be made in a lot of different sizes too.   Here is a picture of one in case you are interested in how they look! ... » Read More