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While selling on artfire is a blast.We do sell on other venues.Like Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/FlintHillsSpecialtyHere is a coupon for etsy http://www.nerdwallet.com/coupons/store/flinthillsspecialty... » Read More

Decal Installation Blog

Install your decal in a few easy to follow steps.1. Apply out of direct sunlight2. Clean surface well.3. Lay the decal on a flat surface and rub with a credit card or squeegee, then peel of the backing paper (the shiny smooth material the decal is laid on)4. Gently lay the decal sticker on the glass or smooth surface you are applying it to.5. Rub the decal stickers again with a credit card or squeegee.6. Wait a minute or so; the slowly at a angle remove the application tape (the sticky material the decal is held together with).7.  It is advised to wait a few days before you try to wash the surface as the adhesive needs some time to cure.8.  ... » Read More