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Voodoo Sex Coffee, Spice up your love life!

If you love coffee and need to fire up things in the bedroom, try this love spell drink! :-)1 large cup Dark Roast Louisiana Coffee and ChicoryAdd 1oz boiled milk and cinnamon to cupThen add 1oz Dark RumSprinkle cinnamon on top and serve to the one you have your eye on to watch the sparks fly! ... » Read More

Starting over from Ebay and Etsy banning spell castings.

I had well over a thousand positive feedbacks on eBay when they banned spell castings, and over 400 on Etsy. What really breaks my heart is spell casting is my passion, I am a Real Witch, I don't make false claims or promises. I am honorable. What I find dishonorable is the amount of traffic and money myself and other well known casters and metaphysical shops and healers brought to Etsy and eBay.Yet when they don't feel like dealing with a few complaints from a few people who just don't get how magic works, they take our money and traffic and throw us out.Hopefully here on Artfire we will finally find a home worth building.... » Read More