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No Business Like Snow Business

I'm happy to state that there are no current shipping delays due to the weather, and during the recent blizzard all orders from my stores were filled in a timely manner --- as normal actually. Having hit so close to the New Year I was concerned, but all is indeed well. I'm looking forward to a bust Spring already!... » Read More

Studio Sweet Studio

I've just added some old furniture to the studio and nearly finished sorting new supplies. It's feeling like a creative nest in this room. I can hardly wait to finish nesting and get back to painting! In my mind I've already begun a new piece.... » Read More

A Permanent Statement

This post marks a change in my handmade metal jewelry and components that will add to its permanence and the owners ease in wearing. All of my crafted metal items, as well as some other jewelry materials, will be coated with several layers of high quality Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax sealer. This product, originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950s, seals and protects metals from moisture and finger print acids. It will prevent natural copper and brass from "greening up" when worn as jewelry and preserve the original finish of a jewelry piece. I'm pleased to add this product to my arsenal because it wi... » Read More

Honoring The Mother

At my blog for my Spiritkeepers Stones I shared a post about a new Collection on Artfire, so I thought to share it here too. You can visit the post at "Rockin' Collection Honoring The Mother". Two special days in the US are getting near, Earth Day on the 22 of April and Mother's Day the 12th of May, so a member of has curated together a fine selection of items that celebrate the Sacred Mother Earth. It's titled, "Honoring The Mother - Earth Day Every Day", and the Collection was curated by who had the following to say about it, "A different Mother's Day - a time for honoring our Earth, Earth Mother, Mother Earth, Gaia. A time for lo... » Read More

Assemblage of Thoughts On Bricolage Art

Bricolage [bree-coal-ahj] is a visual arts term used to describe art that is created from an assemblage of everyday objects and/or items that happen to be at hand during the artists need for creative expression. Personally, bricolage and assemblage arts haven't turned me into a pack-rat though it may encourage the habit to hoard... I only save the good stuff. What makes stuff good or garbage? It's hard to say just what it is that attracts an artist to a particular object. I think that the heart of bricolage is that creative impulse though... the need to create or express overpowering the need to wait for more traditional art materials to be... » Read More

Variety Is Vital to the Artist

  One of the things I like to do outside of the realm of visual art involves music. I play with a bass guitar. Notice I didn't say that I'm a bass player? That's because I've only actually learned enough over the years to cause some trouble if the volume's turned up too far; I play with it. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad quality playing to me because how it feels is more important. An added bonus is the emotive quality of the instrument because it can help to clear out a mood. If I'm about to work on a bright happy painting but the day has been gloomy I can dump those blues out with the bass. The fingers and wrists get a powerful chan... » Read More

Making the Most of Art Supplies

Making the most of supplies is crucial, considering the cost, but it can also be a step to furthering creative exploration. When I have paint left on the pallet after finishing a painting I use it. I keep stacks of small sheets of thicker than usual (80lbs acid free) paper on hand to create "waste pages". This paper will warp if too wet so with acrylics it's best to move quickly with big strokes to cover the sheet for future background use. If there's still paint left over I grab another sheet and have at it. It's freeing to feel so wasteful, using up sheet after sheet in a careless way. It's also a great way to unwind after working on a serious p... » Read More

Moody Blues Special

 It's great fun to take part in the community of artists online. Currently, I have a painting that has been chosen for a member curated gallery feature at This particular collection is themed, "Moody Blues", which is not only an honor but happens to be the name of one of my favorite music bands! The painting of mine shown in the Collection is titled, "Vishnu Sleeping" and is a representation of the Hindu God Vishnu sleeping in the pool of the subconscious realm. This painting shimmers with an unusual combination of both art mediums and brush strokes. The left half is done in oil paint, carefully applied in a basket weave stroke, so... » Read More

Feature of Water Media

I was happy to open an email informing me that one of my paintings, "Aphrodite Was Born", has been selected for a Collection on, which allows users to get creative by gathering related items under a theme of their choosing. The theme for this particular Collection is the variety of ways in which watercolor paint, or water based medium, may be used in painting; "Water colors in a variety if uses and art". The Collection Curator, Glenda from Pretty Jewelry Things Store, searched the site to find examples of traditional watercolor and mixed media pieces. I think it's a great idea for a feature, and I personally found some pieces to ... » Read More

Witch New Section

 I'm very pleased to have added the first items to the new section of my Artfire Studio called, "Witch Whats". Browse by to see my handmade Shamanic and Wicca ritual tools. The first new product is a hand crafted Native American or Frontier style gourd rattle with a hand carved horse head handle, Shaman Journey Ceremonial Gourd Rattle. It's a unique percussion tool & Native American or Frontier style home decor too. The top is a wood-burned gourd and the handle is a hand carved horse head with mane. Filled with symbols for personal magic and meditation use, here Journey represents the journey through life as an individual grows & th... » Read More

New ACEO Display Products

I'm happy to be adding more display storage products that are perfect for ACEO, ATC, or other SFA (small format art). Museum quality non-Acidic and non-Lignin, these holders are known as the most popular rigid individual card holder in the collectible card industry.  The crystal clear PVC used contains no plasticizers or stearates, is high impact grade, it does not migrate causing no harm your cards; perfect for long term storage and display of fragile or collectible materials, offering maximum protection and visual appeal. More new products are being added this month so browse by often to see things like special collector albums for ACEO card... » Read More

Painted Carl Dennis

A while back I attended a poetry reading given by Pulitzer Prize winning American poet Carl Dennis, and I had the foresight to bring along a sketchbook. During the reading I was entranced by his emotive voice and body postures, so found myself taking the opportunity to capture the moment. I enjoyed the entire artistic experience.    "Carl Dennis Poetry Reading" by Tree Pruitt   For fun recently I used that sketch to paint this small portrait of the poet onto 5" x 7" canvas board, (signed as T. E. Pruitt), using Liquitex Artist Paints. I'm glad to show it to you and I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks! *About Carl D... » Read More

Spiral Comet Copper Earrings

 My handmade Spiral Comet Dangle Earrings were honored to be chosen as a feature at Mellow Tones, a handmade shopping guide blog. The earrings were one of a kind piece, though I do craft similar. They are hand shaped hammered copper in a spiral with comet like trails that dangle & move; the style pretends it is an ancient treasure from the past.The Mellow Tones mission is stated as, "to showcase simply beautiful handcrafted goods at fair prices from seasoned artisans... We value fine quality, individual style and patronizing cottage businesses. Our goal is to show you handcrafted goods with heart and soul can cost the same or less than departme... » Read More

Whispering Buddha

 I sat before the easel with an empty little canvas panel to give brush strokes the freedom to create a design from within. It could have become anything it wanted, yet what my inner self chose to portray was a serene image of the Buddha; I like that just fine. The canvas size is just a wee 4" by 5". Whispering Buddha, by Tree Pruitt I began with a pale parchment colored acrylic paint in lazy crossed strokes with a half inch paintbrush. The design has no symmetry, with everything being slightly out of balance to add the feeling of motion when standing in front of the painting; This also expresses the spiritual concept of individual p... » Read More

Green Dragon Eye Featured

I'm enjoying having a piece from my Studio having been selected for a special collection on the site. Curated by member, Vievespolys, these treasures prove that dragons aren't always to be feared! With a lovely assortment of things that decorate, things to wear, and things to carry the graceful side of the favored fantasy creature is featured. My ACEO, Magic Green Dragon Eye, that is in the feature is a quality digital print version of one of my favorite SFA paintings. The original hangs in front of me now, watching over my world with magic, and it thrills me to be able to share my dragon with you all! Take a look below and please do e... » Read More

2011 Holiday Season Update

The holidays are upon us once again, and I hope that everyone is finding plenty of joy this year. In the studio store here I'll be extending the Small Format Art Sale until after the New Year! Even new items I'm listing will start out under the sale if they fall into the category of small format; and that can be any of my original art at 11 inches by 14 inches or smaller. So, cool, right? Then, too, new sections that reflect my other interests have been added. You can now shop a small selection of my hand painted Spiritkeepers Stones here on ArtFire, in addition to handmade Wicca supplies and a few vintage collectables that I'm willing to part wit... » Read More