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Albion, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi all and welcome to my page! My name is Colleen and I'm an avid jewelry maker. Paper beads are my specialty.


jewelry making,beadmaking (out of paper, foil, etc.)

Skills and Techniques

I roll strips of paper such as scrapbooking paper, magazine pages, old greeting cards, and junk mail around a tool. I glue them as I go. Then I seal them with Paper Glaze, Laquer, Elmers Glue, or clear nail polish to make them water resistant.

Same basic technique with the duct tape beads, only I wind the strips around coffee stirring straws.

Get to Know

I started making paper beads in the Summer of 2010. I was looking for something new to do. I hadn't made jewelry in years and I thought I'd like to try that again. However, I didn't have any beads, so I figured why not make my own? I like to roll up curling ribbons into shapes that look like beads. Unfortunately, they don't make very strong beads. I thought I'd try making paper beads. So I looked up on the internet how to make them. The internet was full of ideas! Soon afterward, I bought a kit from Michaels (Klutz Paper Beads) and went to town making jewelry and haven't stopped since. I wear the pieces quite often and get lots of compliments. Nobody believes me that they're made of paper. I have sold a few off line already and have given some as gifts. People think the beads are shells, but they're really paper. Since they are made of paper, they are water resistant, but NOT waterproof. So care should be taken not to get them wet. I also make beads out of foil, In April 2011, I started to experiment with gummy bears. Also, as of 10/30/13, I have a duct tape jewelry section. Be sure to check it out.