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Bakersfield, ca, United States

Quick Blurb

Our Specialty: Creating personalize gifts out of foot prints, hand prints, fabric and more!


Crocheting, Resin, Sewing, Painting, Tattooing

Skills and Techniques

Advanced Crochet, Graphic Arts, Sculpting, Painting, Tattooing, Jewelry Design, Bottle Caps, Boutiques Bows.

Get to Know

I am an Artist/Designer of many mediums. I owned a successful tattoo shop for over 5 years until I found myself married with toddlers. From Tattoos to tutus and many more creative adventures ahead. My maiden name is Rhoten often mispronounce 'Rotten' the "O" is long. My married name is Cotton thus creating the unique but spunky name "Spoiled Rotten Cotton" Please contact me with any questions or custom order inquiries at support@spoiledrottencotton.com

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