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West Milwaukee, Wi, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Shimmering Glass - an amazing collection of fused glass jewelry, vases, plates and bowls!


Fused Glass Artwork, Fused Glass Jewelry, Fused Glass Vases, Plates and Bowls Custom Designs in Fused Glass.

Skills and Techniques

Unigue and creative designs in fused glass. Abstract and artistic designs and geometric patterns.

Get to Know

Shimmering Glass is a concept created from our love of working with Fused Glass. Jeanne and Richard, a husband and wife team, began working with fused glass several years ago from a desire to create functional works of fused glass. We really started working with fused glass more as a hobby than anythign else. Our first kiln was a small, 11 inch wide, 9 inch tall kiln that limited what we could create to small bowls,m vases, plates and jewelry. We were hooked and addicted to glass. The more we created, the more our passion grew. But we were limited and a bit frustrated by what we could create by the size of the kiln. Not long after we bought a much larger kiln that opened the door to creatign much larger and more intricate works of fused glass art. Large fused glass vases, bowls and suncatchers, all the while continuing to work on very cool pieces of fused glass jewelry. The truth is, we stimulate each other - we both have different areas of fused glass we like to work in, but are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, and always pushing the envelope to create new and exciting pieces of fused glass art. Glass simply amazes us. The way glass will almost metamorphasize into new shapes thru the fusing and slumping process. Sometimes heartbraking cracks or fractures pull us down to earth but even then we are challened to take it to the next level and try something different. We love working with fused glass and hope that our love will bring smiles to you and your loved ones with the fused glass art we have created for you. I mentioned functional fused glass - what I mean by this is fused glass that can be enjoyed for it's artistic beauty and design but which also can be used to make what might normally be 'mundane' to something really special. We hope our fused glass bowls, plates and dishes are used around the house as bowls plates and dishes are normally used - the art, the fused glass and shimmering effects just helps to make it more special. In the end, we want to bring a little "shimmer" into your life with one of a kind fused glass art from Shimmering Glass.

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