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I love watching anime. I cosplay at convention and I have two lovely dogs

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Keeping everybody's head warm in style

Qwear started off as a quiet little shop back in 2007, and has been providing high quality (and more importantly, adorable) hats for nearly ten years. We are inspired by the amazing accessories of cosplayers, anime conventions, and all that is cute in the world of functional fashion. The business was actually sparked after my sister came home from an anime convention with a handmade hat. I knew instantly I wanted to make a living offering similar pieces of clothing.

We offer a wide variety of anime inspired hats, scarves, headbands and garters but our true signature item is our cat ear hat. Available in many color combinations and styles, our cat ear hats are the ultimate anime accessory. We are proud to say that we were the original purveyors (or is that purr-veyors?) of the cat ear hats here on Etsy and have collected a loyal following of anime and animal lovers over the years.
What does Qwear stand for, you might ask? It is simple. We wanted to make something cute and we wanted you to wear it. A whimsical play on words quickly transformed cute wear into the Qwear brand you know and love today. If you’d like to see more of our products and be the first to know about promotions you can follow us on any, or better yet all, of our social media platforms below: