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Bellevue, WA, United States


My sense of design is rustic, bohemian, gypsy chic. I love to take new things and give them a special story and history and make them look old and worn and uniquely loved, as well as give old discarded jewelry and beads new life. I oxidize, paint, distress, wrap, and solder my work, letting its shape and soul form as I create. I never sit down with a preplanned and prepared piece in mind. My jewelry is organic, and very much reliant on my own feelings and mood and sense of design at that moment in time. Sometimes I begin a piece and set it aside half done, at a loss for where to go next, and then a week or two later I see it again and have sudden inspiration and can see the life and future recipient and wearer of the jewelry, and am able to finish and offer it to the world.

I look to nature and the dark, twisted beauty around us. I find beauty in all things traditionally ugly, or dark and dirty and brutal, especially paired with extremely bright and vibrant colors.. My jewelry is full of organic shape, asymmetrical designs, earthy rustic tones, and bright bohemian colors.

My jewelry is for the free soul, the loving hippie, the earthy goddess. If you find beauty in the dark and primitive, aesthetic of vintage and antique, and mysteries of nature and earth, then your unique tastes have led you to me.

In the exploration of myself, I hope to make jewelry that unlocks the mystery of you.

Skills and Techniques

Most of my jewelry making skills come from self teaching and watching and reading tutorials on specific styles of jewelry making, such as wire wrapping, soldering, beading, etc. My favorite style to work with and create is rustic, organic wire wraps, with dark twisty bits and bobs.

I almost always oxidized my copper and sterling silver wire and sheet metals prior to use, and again sometimes to a finished jewelry piece for extra depth and deeper black oxidation color. I oxidize with both chemical oxidation (Liver of Sulphur) and flame/heat oxidation from a torch, and sometimes simply leaving a piece of metal out in the open for a long period of time for natural patina. Verdigris patinas are done with time, salt, and vinegar. All patinas have a layer of Renaissance Wax, a microcrystalline wax used to preserve and seal color/patina onto the surface of the metal, wood, paper, etc.

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Get to Know

The evolution of the creative mind

My name is Mamie, and I live in downtown Seattle Washington. I have worked in retail jobs since I was 15 1/2 years old, and worked in the jewelry counter at TJ Maxx for a few years in my mid 20's. Working around jewelry and getting knowledgeable about it and the different gemstones and metals was the door to my future as an artisan jewelry designer. I started making my own jewelry when I was hit with an autoimmune disease and had to have radiation therapy and be out of work for all of 2012. I am fully self taught, in the beginning I would just read a tutorial, or watch a video, or just look at a piece I really love and try to figure out and recreate its making. Now I am making one of a kind pieces from the heart and inspired by the life and love around me. I am now unfortunately unable to work in a traditional work setting, so I spend what time I have not dealing with medical issues working in my little home studio (the second bedroom in our two bedroom apartment). I opened my Etsy shop in March 2014, and in the last two years I have grown not only as a seller but as a designer and artist as well.

I love making custom orders and getting to know unique and gorgeous souls all over the world to adorn in my craft. Contact me today with a bit about yourself, your tastes, and what you are drawn to and wanting me to create for you :)

I purchase and work with many sellers on Etsy, and am very involved in the handmade community. Many of my pieces will have components from other artisans, and my descriptions will always give them the deserved shout-out and a link to their shops/site. I find inspiration in the amazing work of others and collaboration is the bedrock of true artisan creation.

I expanded my shop recently to include vintage sewing supplies and vintage goodies. My love for vintage sewing supplies and my naturally hippie boho style gravitate me towards 60's and 70's designs and I love to go out and find fun little crafting items that remind me of everything I grew up with doing crafty stuff with my grandmother and great grandmother.

I also use large amounts of salvaged beads and findings in my jewelry designs. I go out and buy bins of broken and unwanted jewelry and spend hours sorting, breaking down, cleaning, and organizing beads, pendants, and so many fun and amazing pieces that would have ended up in the trash! I love making eco friendly jewelry and reusing beautiful things and keeping landfills a little bit smaller in my own way!

I donate 10% of all my profits to a local no-kill animal shelter that I have volunteered for and gotten pets from and very much support! Its called Homeward Pet and it is in Woodinville Washington, and they do amazing work!! I donate monthly, and I have my receipts available for anyone who would like to see their money go to a good cause!!

I am dedicated to my designs and my products and my customer service, and I go the extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied with their purchase!!! I appreciate all feedback and getting involved with fellow artisans and sellers in the community. So if your so inclined, do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to hear from you!

Peace and love,


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