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Boys Town, NE, United States

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Enrolled Muscogee Creek beadweaver and silver smith.

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I am Joni Stinson, Creek-Cherokee. I am a beadweaver, jewelry designer and silversmith. I graduated from Oklahoma State University and did my dietetic internship at Baylor University Medical Center. I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and a Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist. I am married to Dr. Warren Stinson. We have two sons and three grandchildren. I am in the process of winding down my professional career to devote more time to bead work and sharing my art and craft with others. I teach beading at Blue Earth Intertribal School of Native American Studies in Omaha, Ne. I have been invited by the United States Department of Interior to participate in their National Park Service's "Artist in Residence" program. I sell my work at Pow Wows, Craft Shows, Galleries, and on-line. My designs combine traditional Native American techniques with contemporary elements, colors and materials. My work is symbolic and exemplifies my passion for my Nation and my art. My work is made in accordance with THE INDIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS ACT OF 1990, P.L. 101-644. This Act prohibits the use of "Native American" in the sale of products unless one is a citizen of a U.S. recognized Indian Tribe. If you would like to read my blog, the site is: www.jstinson-trailoftreasures.blogspot.com I invite you to visit my Etsy store at: www.jstinson.etsy.com I have around 100 items there that are not featured on this site. Female, Born on June 13

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