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Cherry Hill, NJ, United States


I have been working in my family's shop since I was old enough to walk. Spend as much time as i have with people that work the land has given me a perspective that in somewhat unique. Being raised in a farming family, I have been raised in close proximity to the land, I always find myself looking at nature, trees, plants, and gardens for inspiration.
I believe that one of the best things a person can do is grow their own food, be it in a postage stamp garden or on as many acres as you have available, your life will be better for it! It will improve your life, your health, and that of your family.

Skills and Techniques

I have a Masters in Organic Agriculture Systems with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration

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Get to Know

Established in 1986, DownrightNatural has been a mainstay in the greater Philadelphia area in the organic and natural community for over 30+ years. (Our family has been serving the South Jersey and Philadelphia farming and growing communities for over 70+ amazing years.)
We are active in the local Organic, Slow Food, and CSA movements in our area.
Our primary business has always been organic and heirloom quality seed. We refuse to work with anyone or any company that offers for sale any type of GMO seed; and we make absolutely certain that all of our seed is 100% Organic, Non-GMO, top quality seed.
A signer of the Safe Seed Pledge since early in its inception, we value your choice not to magnify the damage done by the giant seed companies.
We have been shipping internationally for 25+ years, helping those all over the world find joy and happiness with organic gardening.
For all of our organic, hand & wild-crafted, and digital items, please visit
(Yes, there should probably be a space between the Downright & Natural, but in my inability to type one day when younger, I forgot the space, and well, the company name of DownrightNatural was born. Kirby)

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