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red deer, AB, Canada


I am an avid body builder and do my best to stay healthy :) .... I love the sun , water and mountains and enjoy doing anything i can outdoors in my spare time . I love to ride my bikes ... both my Harley and my pedal bike both have different draws . i also like creating unique and intereting projects ... I started my courier as a manufacturing welder and machinist building a multi million dollars company and winning young entripriour of the year when I was 29 for Alberta eventually employing 150 employees .

Skills and Techniques

combining computer graphic design, imagination and machining skills to bring joy to others

Get to Know

Im just a guy that has done alot in his life , 8 years ago a personal injury made it so i needed a simpler life., I wanted something that helped other enjoy and express themselves , brought joy and personal fulfilment by giving them something to express things that interest them and are part of their personal identity . i started out repurposing, fixing and reselling items from abandoned storage units ,( i still do this as part of my store} ... along the way I came across a technology that combined cnc routers, lexan glass and vibrant led lights creating a technology that brought the sings to life in a way that is both beautiful and captures your imagination ..... the signs also bring to life our passions, memories and events that bring joy and excitement to our lifes ..... , part of that which identifies who we are as a person .... bringing joy and understanding to others of who we are or what we do .....

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