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Elgin, SC, United States

Quick Blurb

I am often inspired by the myths and legends of our past. Fairies, nymphs and elves set my imagination going. As do cats.


Metal fabrication, travel, semi-precious stones, cats, precious stones, gold, sterling silver, Art clay, cats, copper, chain maille, cats, books, rabbits, reading, hammers, saws, flame painting

Skills and Techniques

Metal fabrication, bead loom weaving, riveting, hand sewing, chain maille weaving, soldering, fusing metal, wire wrapping

Get to Know

I have always been fascinated by nature and how people relate to it. I get a lot of my ideas from reading the myths and fables of ancient cultures. The way these societies explained how phenomena occurred, and the rituals to deal with the unexpected intrigues me and sets my mind wandering.
I started making jewelry after untangling my friends' necklace chains for the umpteenth time and thinking "I could make something pretty with these!" I could never find much jewelry that I felt expressed *ME*. It was mostly mass-made, cheap junk that wasn't finished with care and often left my skin funky colours. I knew that I could bring my borderline ADD/OCD to the bench and obsess on ways to make fun and/or elegant, wearable art.
As a child, I loved to read the "Encyclopedia Britannica" and follow the threads wherever they led. This often caused me to stay up well past my bed time. As an "adult", I still find I have the same problem and will read anything I can and stay up way too late.
I am now moving in a new direction with my work and find the process challenging and very exciting. I hope you will too.

Find me on twitter: @ceydonia

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