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I've been sewing and traveling since I was a kid. My current sewing machine has sewn in 3 countries and my cats have lived i


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Can sewing help save the environment?

Catfluff reckons it can. By taking recycled materials, from scrap clothes to potato sacs, the European-born, American-raised professional seamstress is creating cutting-edge purses, bags, market sacks and clothing accessories.

Her work is inspired by her two passions: her two fluff-producing felines at home (hence the name Catfluff) and her love of world travel that has taken her to more than 50 countries on seven continents.

Her love of animals, and her concern about the natural environment, combined with the influences of her multicultural background and the experiences gained from her years of travel, are apparent in all of her creations.

Stitch by stitch, she is trying to make the world a little greener (and fluffier) with her sewing machine.

Since She has started selling on Artfire in 2008 she has lived in 4 countries currently Catfluff is based in New Delhi India.

Here she is working with fair trade suppliers and getting her own designs manufactured.

If you would like anything sourced or manufactured from India Catfluff is your Gal!

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