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Lincoln, NE, United States

Quick Blurb

The Art of Mike and Jaime Best. Fantasy Art with a touch of Whimsy and a hint of melancholy.


painting and sketching, music, gaming (including table top rpg), books (primarily high fantasy or science fiction), cooking and baking (our house always smells yummy), Star Wars (Mike is a toy collector), photoshop (Jaime loves photo manipulation).

Skills and Techniques

Our original paintings are primarily done using acrylics on Canvas (though sometimes we paint on other surfaces). Often our ideas are sketched out before being put to canvas.

Our prints are printed by us on our Fine Art Printer using professional inks and papers.

All wearable art is designed and crafted by us using a variety of components.

Get to Know

Mike and Jaime Best have been creating art side by side for the last 8 years. Working in a small studio space within their home. The studio is small, dark and cramped, empty paint bottles litter every surface, the walls are covered in doodles and child like finger paintings, the racks that dry their finished works are warped with age and the air is often frigid or down right cold.
But each new day finds them working together in their favorite place wielding their paint brushes, music on full blast, and creativity in fluid motion.

Our art can be found in collections, homes and offices throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South Africa and Australia.

Since 2004 we have collectively sold more than 2000 original paintings and more than 3000 fine art prints.

:)Jaime's painting "Morning Splendor" is part of the The Fine Art Collection of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.

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