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Kremmling, CO, United States

Quick Blurb

Born in Colorado and living in the northwestern Rocky Mountains, beads and jewelry-making are my passions.


I enjoy making jewelry and selling beads, especially Czech glass, brass, and pewter. I love making jewelry from out-of-the-ordinary gemstones, but there are so many varieties of Czech glass beads that I fell in love with them. They go great with brass or silver!

Get to Know


I started out making handmade jewelry and began selling it to friends, family, and at an occasional art fair. I soon became addicted to beads. I eventually accumulated so many beads that I didn’t know what to do with all of them. I then decided to begin selling my overstock. I enjoyed selling my overstock so much that I began buying beads specifically for resale, and have been selling beads online for 8 years.

Not long after I began selling beads, I soon discovered the wonders of Czech glass. There are thousands of combined styles and colors to choose from. I picked out some favorite shapes, styles, colors, and finishes and decided to specialize in Czech beads that are outside of the common fire-polished or druk categories, although I still carry some of those. I love the not so ordinary styles such as table cuts in tile, rectangle, coin, drop, cathedral, tri-cut, hibiscus flower, heart, and any other shape in which table cuts come in. I also love the picasso or bronze finishes. I thrive on hunting for out of the ordinary beads, and it has been fun sharing them with my customers.

To add a variety to the mix, my shop also carries gemstones, freshwater pearls, pewter, and brass. All pearls and gemstones in my shop are bought in-person and are hand-picked by me to assure quality. Most of my brass is antiqued by me in my home studio.

I sell only beads that I love, and I hope my customers will love them, too. Thank you for your interest in my shop!