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Seattle, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

I am passionate about expressing color, texture and mood using gemstones and metal.


metalsmithing, design, color, gardening, architecture, nature, painting, photography, building renovation, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, yummy food, my kids, my rescue dog

Skills and Techniques

soldering, hammering, enameling, designing, stone setting, wire wrapping, photoshop, photography

Get to Know

Amy Jo Avnet Artisan Jewelry is handcrafted in urban Seattle, inspired by the city's broad mobile skies, glistening mountain and water vistas, and ever-blooming flowers on even the grayest of damp days. Using steel or sterling silver and 14k gold filled for lasting beauty, with additional use of copper, brass or plated metals for accent, gemstones and pearls of unique character are incorporated to add lustrous color, elegance and sparkle. In person and on the web I am Urban Crow Jewelry. More of my photos are to be found right here on Artfire, in my DreamHousePhoto shop.

All creative work is made by me in my studio. Some one-of-a-kind wax casting and photo printing may in some cases be done by a third party if required for a certain effect. All jewelry and photographs are created with lasting permanence in mind.

Jewelry should be handled gently and washed by hand with non-detergent soap and water if necessary (except for emerald, lapis and malachite-- wipe these with a dry cloth only). Please mount photos behind glass and protect from acid, moisture and UV containing light to maximize lifespan.

I welcome wholesale and custom requests. Just ask!

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