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I am a professional textile designer from Moscow.
I have been conducting experiments with textile materials for several years. The results of my experiments were impressive and inspired me to set up a textile design studio, where I with my assistants have been making unique fabrics for clothing and interiors. In 2001 I received two patents for invention of new technology and registered a trade mark “YAGA”.

My method allows to join in one cloth different materials, such as threads, fabrics, lace, knits, natural and artificial materials, and this achieved without seaming, gluing. All fabric composition is handmade and only the process of fusion is made by means of special equipment. As a result, hardwearing, reliable Yaga fabric is born.

As a chief artist of the studio I pay much attention to the image trying to embody harmony and femininity in my works. I deliberately ponder over the plastic and color gamma of each item. All the work is done by hand and only when the item is ready, we use the special machinery for mechanical fixation.