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Hello all, thank you for stopping by.
My name is Violina and I am the owner at Vivian Treasury.
I always liked crafts, I did some European craft stitches in my 20’s but then life brought me to United States and for 15 years I did not have very time
One of my friends is making beautiful pressed flower jewelry with resin that I fall in love with. I got interested in resin and casting and started to watch videos online how to do this and that with resin and molds.
Oh, I can tell you, I loved it so much I wanted to do it everyday.
At first I started with some small gifts for customers that we have at the plumbing company me and my husband own. I started to make faucets with dripping water and our company initials inbeded in it.
I enjoyed it so much a bought so much molds and my ideas never stop coming I now need to write them down so I can remember. The ideas rain in my head and I want to make everything I have an idea for.
Slowly I gained confidence and I started my shop with the help of the same friend who is making the resin jewelry.
I hope you enjoy what I created as much as I do.
God bless you all and thank you for popping by

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