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Maywood, NJ, United States


My career and business are much in the same. I have had a desire to make unique items that are hard to find or cannot be found today. We live in a computer advanced society, but I feel we still need old traditional made items to appreciate the importance of traditional mechanical skills.

I love mechanical machines and instruments, this is why my career as a machinist, toolmaker fits my business connection. My hobby is small mechanical workable machines, and biography reading.

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My name is Mark, welcome to Timeless engraved Creations. We strive for excellence in surface engraved jewelry items. My partner and I have a combination of over 50 years in the machining, manufacturing industry. Our products are quite special and unique, because our process uses a lost art form of engraving technique, seldom found today. Actually you can find this process still only used in northern Switzerland for mechanical jewelry items.

We love to engrave designs in brass and also precious metals, such as 14k, sterling silver. Our passion is to create for you exquisite engraved jewelry items.

Thank you for looking at our shop and , please ask any questions you may have in mind.


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