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Woodland, CA, United States


I have loved to do anything with a needle since I was 4. My mother taught me to embroider at that age after I wouldn't quit asking her to let me learn. Then I graduated to the sewing machine, sewing quilt blocks together. Then I learned to make my own clothing and I just haven't ever quit loving the process of cutting and putting two pieces of fabric together to make something new. I even like to mend!

Skills and Techniques

Most of my designs are made out of materials I have on hand. I enjoy the process of looking through the piles, deciding which denim goes best with a particular print, or the other way around. Each piece is different from another, even if it is just the shade of denim used.

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Reuse and Remember

I get my ability to remake things honestly.

My grandmother carded the wool from her sheep and used it for the filling of blankets and quilts. The quilt tops were often made from her son's woolen trousers that had worn through the knees, creating something beautiful as well as usable.

My mother turned men's white dress shirts into blouses for some of her daughters that were the envy of the school.

Making something beautiful and useful out of whatever is at hand is also one of my favorite things to do. I love to see how I can put one piece together with another to make a new pattern or design or item.

Another aspect I enjoy is remembering the person who wore the jeans or the shirt that is going into the piece I'm working on. I can also make something that evokes memories for you in customised pieces.

I've been inspired by women in Africa who sew to bring their families out of abject poverty. I want to help them out as well. So for every $100 in sales I receive, I will make at least one purse to donate for African women to fill with sanitary supplies they've made to help teen girls stay in school. Read more here. httIp://

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