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Sochi, ru, Russia


I have no pets at home. Therefore, the source of my inspiration to serve encountered outdoors beautiful dogs. More often, I'm looking for inspiration on the Internet looking at pictures of interesting breeds of dogs. Because I most often dogs valjaju. Cats valjaju is very rare, while they are not as perfect as the other animals.

Skills and Techniques

The basis for my work is a natural sheep wool, dyed in different colors. I use special needles for felting, felted rug, brush. Spouts I make from plastic materials.

Get to Know

My name is Natalia. I am sorry for my mistakes, I am bad know English, so take an electronic translator. I make toys from wool just 3 years. I really like this lesson. First take in hands a lot of wool, start needle shape of her ball, then doing the nose, eyes and ears. And that's in the hands of the already head the future toys. His toys I eyes and spout make herself. I really like delivering joy buyers of my dogs, cats and other animals. My colleagues bought toys for interior decoration or as a gift to your friends.

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